7/10/16 ~ What Color is Heaven?

RacineBuilding“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”

This amazing promise applies to us today. It also applies to eternity. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive heaven. That is why so much of Revelation is symbolic. The symbols are beautiful, so try going one step beyond reading how Revelation describes heaven, and make a drawing of what you think it looks like. Then colorize it all those beautiful colors. Revelation 21:12,13,21:

Each of the 12 GATES is named after one of the Tribes of Israel, and has an angel guarding it. Make the gates pearl. Make the angel over the gate white or yellow.

Revelation 21:17, 18a: Make the WALL jasper, which is a light see-through green.

Revelation 21:16, 18b: Heaven is full of many MANSIONS (John 14:2). Make them a translucent (see-through) gold.

Revelation 21:21: The STREETS of the city are like crystal and gold. Make them a translucent (see-through) gold also.

Revelation 22:1: The RIVER OF LIFE runs through heaven coming out from the throne of God. Make it blue.

Revelation 4:6a: The CHRYSTAL SEA is in front of God’s throne. Make it blue.

Revelation 22:2: The TREE OF LIFE grows on both sides of the River of Life. Make it green and brown.

Revelation 22:2: The ALTER OF INCENSE from Christians’ prayers is in front of the throne. Make it gold

Revelation 21:23: God’s THRONE is jasper and the glory of God is so brilliant, there is no need of a sun. Make the area of the throne silver/white.

Revelation 4:5: Around the throne of God are the seven SPIRITS of God, symbolized by seven lights. Make them yellow.

Revelation 4:3a: Near the Spirits there is a ruby red GLOW around the throne of God. Make this inner arch red.

Revelation 4:3b: There is a RAINBOW over God’s throne. Make the arch at the very top over the throne emerald green.

Although this is all symbolic, doesn’t drawing and coloring in the symbols help to put across just how beautiful heaven will be!

2 thoughts on “7/10/16 ~ What Color is Heaven?

  1. Dear Brother in Christ. My name is Tom Davis. I am a member of the North Penn Church of Christ in North Wales, PA. I’ve written a commentary on the Book of Revelation. I saw your blog about the colors of heaven. I thought you might be interested in this commentary.
    Here’s the link to the Publisher’s website about the book. http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781498474566

    The book’s premise is unlike the traditional view of the Book of Revelation as held by the majority of the Christian believers. Extensive research of the historical facts from Jewish, Christian, and secular writers offer evidence that Revelation’s prophetic visions were fulfilled in the first century with the destruction of Jerusalem and in the fourth century with the Great Persecution of the church by the Roman Empire.

    By looking backward in history for Revelation’s fulfillment instead of forward as so many people do, the message of the book is clear and understandable. This book will give you a great appreciation of God’s love and protection for His church during times of persecution. Your faith will increase, and finally, the Book of Revelation will make sense.

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