RacineBuildingFrom the Preacher’s Pen… One of the many efforts we as a congregation support to take the Gospel to the world is World Christian Broadcasting. While short-wave radio is not so important in America it does reach much of the rest of the world.

Several months back brother Andy Baker updated us on this work and we became involved. One of his major points was to tell of the planned station in Madagascar. That station is now on the air and reaching a multitude of new souls.

With that work already so successful there is now the opportunity to extend it even further. And that’s where we come in:

Update from World Christian Broadcasting

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

The broadcasts of World Christian Broadcasting from Station KNLS in Anchor Point, AK are tremendous. For 33 years, the gospel has gone out to about ½ of the world with now 20 hours of programing each day. God has richly blessed that signal. I have other great news to share with you

Madagascar World Voice Is On The Air! On Easter Sunday morning, the new station in Madagascar began broadcasting. Along with Alaska, the entire world is covered with the gospel. We have already heard from 50 cities where Arabic is the official language, 50 countries that picked up our Russian broadcasts and 432,000 Spanish listeners that responded within the first month of going on the air who heard our Spanish broadcasts. From the Chinese website, we have averaged over 1,000 pages being downloaded per day. The world is listening every day to 20 hours of programming from Alaska and 13 hours a day from Madagascar. From a couple of other radio stations, we are sending the message into Cuba and Latin America with Spanish programs with great results.

We feel the need to broadcast in Portuguese to Brazil and also in the Korean language to North and South Korea. North Korea is now the most persecuted country in the world. Since we cover South America with the gospel, we must add Portuguese to cover Brazil and the millions of people in the world who speak Portuguese. We are already thinking about adding French programming also. We are asking congregations of churches of Christ all over the country to prayerfully think about a onetime special contribution on Global Sunday, October 30th to enable these two languages to be added to our broadcasts. Regular contributions from churches and individuals help us with the day to day costs of covering the globe with the gospel. We need to raise extra funds to reach out to these new people groups speaking those languages. Could you communicate this need and our request to your home church? We could really use your help right now.

Wherever you have missionaries in the world or where you have special interest, we will drop multiple hours of the gospel story every day where they live.

I would be happy to come and visit with your church family in person and share with them information that would be helpful. We need your help to reach more people in their native tongue. Would you please help me open a door with your home church? Thanks so much.

Andy Baker, World Christian Broadcasting

As a congregation we have already committed to contributing again to this work. For the requested October 30 special contribution we will begin with $1,000 and in addition to that any extra amount that you would like to contribute.

On Sunday, October 30 we will have envelopes for you to include any additional amount to go to this work or you may simply make a note on a check to add to the work.

Please give much prayerful thought to this work and to your opportunity to add to our contribution.

Lester P. Bagley

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