RacineBuildingSin is a concept, not an action.  Committing a sin results when the concept is put into action.  Sin is caused by desire, which can come from the spiritual, mental, social or physical realms of one’s life.  For it to be sin, it has to have a power of authority with laws which can be broken by the free choice of man.  If sin is not from a free choice, there is no justice for requiring obedience to the laws of the authority. 

Sin comes from the decision of the mind to supersede the law of the authority in order to accomplish their own desires. To supersede authority is to place one’s self above those in authority of the law.

This means one rejects all other authority below himself. By doing so, he claims total authority of his life which means he claims all responsibility for his existence and future requirements for his eternal existence.  

Concerning man and his sin against God, man would have to provide his own future results of his existence after the death of his body as to how and where he spends eternity. If man accepts and agrees to follow God, then God has the right to decide on the requirements for the eternal existence of that soul that submits to him.

Man has no way, and therefore no viable plan, as to how to do that!  To reject all higher authority than self sounds like a great idea for independence, but to be independent, one only has himself to depend on.  In reality, man is considerably dependent on God and, therefore, is totally unable to provide for his own needs after his death. This requires faith in the authority in which he places his dependence. The true Christian places his faith totally in God, His Word, and His will.

When man does not place his total faith in God, it is the proportion he retains for self-authority that causes him to not fully obey the authority of God.  And it is that portion that is fallible and will prevent man from doing what is required by God for eternal existence with Him.  He does not quit sinning, and that keeps him from being in the presence of God in heaven.

If man has not removed his sin of disobedience to God and kept it removed, he cannot live eternally with God and those who have had their sins removed by faith, confession, repentance, and baptism, and faithful service to God.

~ Malcolm E. Parsley, Seoul, Korea