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From the Preacher’s Pen…

Missions Support

Do you support mission work? Yes, I know it may seem a strange question for some of you, but let me ask again: Do you support mission work? Many of the congregations that we read about in the New Testament were active in their support of missions, missionaries and of fellow Christians in need in other congregations. You can read about some of these in passages such as Philippians 4:15-16 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5.

The fact is Christians support other Christians in both preaching the word of God and in time of physical need. James (cf. 2:15-16) reminds us that it is not enough to just talk about helping, but rather we must be active in helping. James (1:27) also reminds us that as a part of “pure religion” we must take care of widows and orphans in their time of need. [An important Bible study is found in learning what God considers “widows indeed” (cf. 1 Timothy 5:3-16). As with all Biblical definitions, it is what God says that is important!]

We do a pretty good job as a congregation supporting missionaries and those in need but now we have another opportunity, another work to step up and help do God’s will.

As you know, Jorge and Chantelle Mora and their family have begun a new work as “house parents” for a cottage at New Mexico Christian Children’s Home. Yes, we as a congregation support the home and several individuals in the congregation here also do even more. That support is vital and should NOT be diminished in any way!

However, there is an opportunity to do more and specifically help Jorge and Chantelle and their new family of girls. Last Sunday night the men of the congregation committed to an additional $100 per month going specifically to Jorge and Chantelle’s “Teague Cottage” fund. This is still overseen by the Home and is not in any way “luxury” money. Rather it is a fund that is used to give the girls the opportunities we normally give our own children to go and do a few special things together; the opportunity to live as a part of a normal, Christian family.

One of those “special things” they are getting to do is to come as a family for a visit to Casa Grande. That is the reason for our get together in the Fellowship Hall on November 24th at 4 pm. So please sign up (the sheet announced is in the foyer, so we have a count for food) and come meet and visit with Jorge, Chantelle and the family!

Now, what MORE can you do to help these young people have a broader Christian family life than just a place to live? Since each month the congregation here will be sending a check just for the Teague Cottage fund, you are welcome to add something extra to it!

Envelopes labeled for this use are on the table in the foyer. Put whatever you would like to add to this month (cash or check) in the envelope. Either put the envelope in the plate with your regular contribution or hand it personally to Ray Ochoa or any of the men counting the contribution on a Sunday morning. With the proper designation, they will make sure it gets sent to the right fund.

Let’s continue to DO the Lord’s will in not only financially supporting this and other works of the Lord’s church but also by keeping all such efforts in our prayers!

— Lester P. Bagley