Related imageSome of you subscribing to this page live in other countries.  This weekend in America is what we call Memorial Day. It is a day we mourn for the millions of our people through the past two centuries who have died, not only for our freedom but the freedom of other countries.

Sometimes people in another country will ask the Americans, “Just send over your troops and get rid of our enemies for us.” It isn’t that simple. Some of the American (and other nations’) soldiers often came home crippled or deformed or paralyzed for the rest of their lives. I knew a man who went over to help the Viet Namese become free of Communists and half his face was blown off. Half his mouth was gone, half his nose was gone, he was mostly blind.

Then there are the tender-hearted soldiers who go to your country who do not want to kill. But they do it to help free someone else’s country.  Then they come home and have nightmares and cannot keep a job for years to come.

When you ask America to come help free you, we answer your call. But stand with us and remember the price we pay. Remember with us what we gave you.