A * U *G * U * S * T

August 1

Righteous God in heaven, so far and yet so near. You made the rules so I wouldn’t hurt myself. No matter how hard I wanted you to change them, you refused to change. You are forever the same. My rock. My foundation, My wall of salvation. My sword of truth. My rainbow of love.  You have clothed me with your perfection because I can never attain it. You have clothed me with your purity because this I can never accomplish either. You have clothed me with your majesty to rule with you somewhere in your realm someday because I could never have the wisdom or patience you do.  You have given the earth to me and all that is in it to rule with you. You have granted me a canopy of stars over my head and a rainbow of delight to encircle my heart. I love you, my God.

Lord, help me not only forgive, but forget. Oh, I know it is almost impossible to forget, but I can at least push the offenses I feel to the back of my memory so they are only hazy and vague and overshadowed with good relationships I have had with the same people.

I lift up my thanks to you for offering yourself on the altar of the world. I could not give enough sacrifices for my sins in a lifetime. I was completely incapable of setting myself free from Satan. So, you, the Law Giver and Enforcer set up a loop-hole for me. You offered yourself as a sacrifice to appease Satan and free my soul from his hold. How can I thank you? I fall at your feet in deep gratitude . For I am nothing and you have loved me.


August 2

From the night, you call forth light.  From the soil you call forth a flower. My tears you turn into diamonds. My laughter you turn into mountains of love. My weariness you make be sweet peaceful rest before the dawn. My soul rises to meet yours, my heart flies to touch yours, my mind, my understanding soars to try to understand you. You are so great and I am so small.  Yet you love me so. I do not deserve it, for I am sinful. You love me still. I worship you.

Lord, help me not neglect other people so much. I have important things to do at home, but not to the neglect of others. Help me budget my time, even if I have to put it on a calendar, so I can always have time for people who would otherwise remain out of my sight.

The sun is shining. It is warm and beautiful. I hear the birds and see the flowers, I feel your smile and touch a little bit of your glory.  Good morning, God! Last night I slept and dreamed. I do not remember my dream because I make no effort to until it is too far faded from my memory. But I know it must have been a peaceful dream. I slept through the night in your arms of safety. I feared nothing. You gave me sweet rest. Now the dawn has returned, I feel refreshed, and now you and I are ready for another day that will glorify you.  Glorious day. Glorious God. Thank you.


August 3

Lord, when I first heard your Words, they seemed rough and uncaring. Then I scraped away resentments and bad habits and egotism and your Words seemed not so bad after all.  Then when I brushed my egotism away from your Words, I saw that they were for my benefit. Finally, I polished your Words with the oil of mercy and saw a special beauty I had not imagined. I saw the beauty of your holiness. I saw the epitome of love and majesty and glory. I am sorry for misunderstanding you for so long. Let me now share the beauty of your holiness and grace with others.

I made up some little flyers and left them in restrooms at public places around town. I put up signs for Bible correspondence courses around town. They are not reaching people. Am I depending on myself too much. Send them to me, Lord.  Send me some soul or else I die.

Almighty God, you could have condemned me and left me in the hands of Satan. But, though you are my Judge, you also became my Public Defender and saved me from Satan’s punishment instead. How can I thank you enough? And for my children. I gave them a good childhood I think. We did so many things together. Oh, how I delighted in them. They made me so happy. I love them so. Do they realize it anymore? Thank you for everyone you have given me to share your love with..


August 4

The way you designed the trees is so much like the growth of a soul.  We start out life as a little green ball, so tiny and full of hope.  Then as toddlers, that tiny ball develops into a bud with just a touch of color peeking through. Finally, we open up in full bloom and our faith in you is so innocent and pure. Then we reach our teens and doubts creep in. One by one the sweet-smelling blossoms lose their colorful leaves. But, in young adulthood after we come out of our dares and doubts, we form into something else ~ a miniature green fruit, a promise of things to come. In full adulthood the fruit becomes yellow or red or whatever it is supposed to be and adorns the branch it has grown from. In middle age we are plucked and become nourishment to others. Finally, in old age, the tiny seeds that fall from the fruit are buried once again, someday to start all over again as a little green ball, tiny and full of hope. May my life blossom the way you intended and, after I am gone, may the seeds I leave behind develop into a brand-new generation to carry on your work and your glory.

Father, I become angry at some people for not doing what I thought they should be doing. Maybe they had more important things to do. Maybe they were too ill to do much of anything. Help me not be judgmental of and angry toward others and tend to my own business.

Thank you that I live in a free country to do whatever kind of work I desire to do, to live where I want, and worship you freely. And, thank you, for the other countries of the world. They may not have the freedoms I have, but many of them have free education not available here. And they live in areas full of so much ancient history, much of it having been lived out in your Bible. How exciting for them. There is something good in every country. I thank you for helping me not become arrogant and think my country is better than anyone else’s country. Thank you for opening my eyes.


August 5

At first, when I learned about you, Lord God, my faith was a slight spark, barely visible. Later, my faith enlarged to the size of a pin light. Eventually, the light of my faith filled the little space around my body.  Finally, the light of my faith filled a room and I rejoiced in it. But that was not all.  I continued to study your Word and pray and share, and after all that, I realized the light of my faith was large enough to fill an arena. Now that I am growing old, my body is weaker and starting to shrivel, but not the light of my faith. Now, and now oh, Lord, my faith flares up high and wonderous beyond my wildest dreams, fills the world, and draws wanderers to it. All because of you, Lord, for the light of my faith comes from you.

I am so embarrassed, Lord. I flew into a rage yesterday. There was no call for it. I never do that. I surprised even myself. It was over a baby crying incessantly. It’s helpless cry for help got on my nerves. I wanted it to stop, even though the infant had no way of explaining what was wrong. What was wrong with me? Satan slipped up on me and taught me a lesson:  Take heed when I stand that I may not fall.

It is August and hot outside. I don’t care. At least it isn’t snowing, Besides, in August I don’t have to worry about shoveling sunshine! In August I slow down a little and take life easy before the bustle of harvest and autumn. I can go out in the cool of the morning and pick strawberries or blueberries. I can wade in mud puddles after a summer shower. I can sit under a tree, look up through the branches, and imagine the top of the tree are reaching the canopy of the sky. I can even lie on my back on a blanket and imagine what kind of animals the clouds look like. Ah, yes, it is August and I am happy.


August 6

My praises to you, oh God, rise up and echo around the cosmos and into your throne room, never ending and never wanting to. My heart bursts, then shoots through the universe to you. You laugh in love and warmth. We share a while and rest. Finally, my soul returns here and I go back to what I were going before ~ my work. But still together with you. Lord. Always together. Forever. Always forever.

Your church, Lord. Am I wrong. Should it be established where I now live? Am I going to circles? Should I place my efforts somewhere else? Help me know what to do next and forgive my impatience and lack of understanding.

Thank you for my ancestors who struggled through the centuries from being told what to believe and who eventually came to understand. Then they passed truth down from generation to generation. We all tested it, and all concluded it indeed was truth. I hold them up in esteem, Lord. They struggled to understand. They were and are my inspiration. They struggled mightily and stood firm. They were terribly persecuted, but they stood firm.  Help me follow their example and, in my own life, stand firm.


August 7

Jehovah God, your very name is holy. Anywhere you dwell is holy. You are pure in every way. You are the Maker of all things, the constant companion of all things, and the lover of all. You are as high above all things as a speck of dust is to the uttermost and unknown boundaries of the cosmos. You have always been, you are, and will always be.   Everything you made bows down to you ~ the mountains, the seas, the starry hosts. I bow at your feet and offer my crown to you. For I am nothing.

Lord, I drove way to fast yesterday. I had to swerve to miss another car. I almost became a murderer, my car being the weapon. Slow me down, Lord. Slow me down.

It was my face that should have been slapped that midnight, not yours. It was my back that should have been beaten raw that dark night, not yours. It was my blood that should have poured out of my body from those nails that day, not yours. It was my body that should have been pierced with cruel spikes that day, not yours. It was me that should have cried out in agony that day so long ago, not yours. You took my place so I would not have to suffer the punishment I deserved. I do not understand such love.


August 8

Lord God of heaven and earth, you only are worthy of the highest honor and praise. No one else is so perfectly righteous, just, merciful, unmovable, reliable and loving as you. Ah, how you love me, even though I do not deserve it.  I laugh, I cry, I whisper, I shout through the universe you are the Lord of lords, King of kings, God of gods, Heart of hearts. I cling to you when I am afraid, sense your nearness, and it calms my fears.  You are my hope, my joy, my rapture.  When I become faint, you hold me up and sometimes you carry me. Where ever I am and whatever I am doing, you are always there. How I love you, my Lord.

I have been complaining again. I do so under the guise of passing on facts of a certain situation, but I tell it negatively. Complaining and criticizing are the same and they are a reflection of you. You put me where I am and my complaints make it look as though you made a mistake putting me here.  Oh, Lord, forgive me, please.

Thank you for the church ~ your family on earth ~ that brings all who love you together in mutual love for each other, friendship, and mutual encouragement. How do people survive all the heartaches Satan throws at people without the family of God to lean on? Thank you for your Spirit poured out in your Word so I may know your mind and heart and not have to guess. And thank you for my family.


August 9

How beautiful and wonderful heaven will be, for you will be there. You are beautiful and wonderful in everything you think and do. You have the beauty of holiness, of purity, of ultimate love, mercy, goodness. I cannot comprehend anyone so perfect. When you were on earth, you revealed your perfection and people either used you or hated you.  I would feel completely inadequate in your presence and want to hide were it not for your love. You smile and say, “Come, let us take a walk together. Tell me what is on your mind. Let’s work through things together, you and I.” You are overwhelming in your love, and so I worship you.

Lord, I went on a rampage yesterday because I was so frustrated. I threw things, I slammed doors, it became hard for me to even breathe. It was like the end of everything important to me. Calm me, Lord. Nothing is worth upsetting myself and everyone around me for. Life will go on. Help me learn you were just closing a window and opening another. Help me find the new window and shine through it for me. And help me not lose my composure like that ever again.

Thank you for my Christian friends. How wonderful heaven will be when we are all reunited and can worship together once again. Only then it will be different, for we will actually be in your presence. Oh, I know when I worship you now I am in your presence, but it isn’t the same. I long to see you face to face. We all do. What a reunion it will be! Finally, we will be able to stand before your throne and sing to you, and bow before your throne and thank you for your patience and mercy and love. The angels love being with you, I know, but they are only your servants and our servants. When your family all gathers around you, what an amazing day it will be. Thank you for your promise that it will happen someday. Oh glorious, wonderful, eternal day.


August 10

I praise your majesty, Oh God. You are king of my life, emperor of my mind, conqueror of my heart. You allow me into your royal court. You allow me to touch your scepter and listen to your wisdom. Just think. I am a child of supreme royalty and have free access to you any time I desire.  My spirit flies through the universe with you, then walks and talks with you. My spirit touches your spirit. You rule the universe with justice, fairness, and mercy. You do not grant what I deserve, but far above that. You do not punish as I deserve, but give me leniency and forgiveness. You, my Lord God, are magnificent beyond description.                I bow before you.

Lord, I bent what you said about lying.  I think they call that “perverting the truth”.  I sometimes tell lies that I don’t think will hurt anyone. You know ~ saying someone isn’t home when they are or claiming I’m sick so I don’t have to go to work on my birthday. Or I tell lies when I think it will make someone feel better like, “So what, if you failed math; you don’t need it anyway,” or “So what if your husband never went to church; God will let him into heaven anyway.” If tact is so important to me, help me work through tactful ways to gently help people see the truth and help them change. It’s hard, God. It’s hard for me to do.

It is in the middle of summer and I do love summer so much, my God. I can do things outside in the sunshine I cannot do inside during the winter. I love a breeze flowing through my hair, picking dandelion bouquets, digging in the cool dirt to weed my garden, exploring a new walking path, wading in a creek, drinking water out of a well, swinging at the park, delighting in fireflies. I love tasting fresh fruit off a tree, then sitting under its shade. looking up at the sky through the green leaves and towering branches. Thank you for summertime.


August 11

When the rain falls upon the valleys, I will praise you. When the sun shines warmly and creates a mist kissing the meadows, I will praise you.  When the promising rainbow appears to enchant me, I will praise you. When I walk higher into the hills and see diamonds in the rippling brook, I will praise you.  When I walk higher and behold a new snow like wings fluttering up ahead, I will praise you. When I reach the summit and am hidden in a silvery fog, I will praise you and know that you have been with me through my entire adventure here on earth.

Lord, yesterday, I bought a large package of cookies, brought them home, and ate them all, even after I got sick from being so full and they did not even taste good anymore. I have made food my idol. Forgive me and help me long for your bread of life instead.

Ah, the day your Words materialized and became a human, born into this world. Ah, the day the angels came and shouted, “He is born! The Prince of Peace. He is born! Glorious day when you finally came to walk with us as you had done in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve. Rapturous announcement, glorious news, ecstatic realization.  At last you had come. Just as you had promised those thousands of years and hundreds of waiting generations. You taught me how to live and love. You actually fought Satan for me and gave me hope. Then you marched back to heaven and left the gate open for me.


August 12

I praise you because of your patience. You hid in the empty place in my heart and waited for me to realize you were there.  When I suspected you might be there, you came out of the shadow like a seed popping up out of the earth to say hello, now as a budding sprout. As I wondered more, the thought of you grew from the depths of my heart and I was filled with wonder.  Your impact on my life grew still more. Upward you grow and my heart rejoiced and comprehended still more of what my God was like.  Finally, you shot like a vine out of my heart and into the hearts of those around me.  I could tell you were looking for more hearts to enter. All that time you took to grow within me let me understand you better.  Year after year you patiently grew in my heart until I was able to share you with others. And this is just the beginning. Someday I will join the multitudes to sing to you before your throne.

Lord, I was a real hypocrite yesterday. I went to church and told all my friends I loved them, then sat down. After worship, I turned again to my friends and told them the sermon helped me be more like you.  But, when I happened to look away from them a moment, I noticed a stranger leaving alone.  I hadn’t really become more like you. I had remained selfish with my time and attention. Even after noticing that stranger, I did not even run after them. Forgive my selfishness, dear Lord.

Thank you for the things that are hidden from me. There is a whole other world of miniature everything ~ atoms, molecules, germs, cells ~ things that are constantly at work in and outside of my body. They are whole universes unto themselves. How amazing. And the organs hidden inside my body ~ the lungs that breathe in air for me, whatever it is that keeps my heart beating blood in vessels I cannot see, and whatever phenomenon it is that makes my eyes see and my ears hear.  How many hidden worlds have you made, Father, always at work making the seen world act just right. Thank you for the hidden things.


August 12

Everywhere I look, you are there. You leap from mountain to mountain as stepping stones. You throw out seeds of pine and spruce and fir, and forests appear. You blow on them, they fall, and deserts appear.  You step into the oceans, stir them up, and laugh when their waves leap with joy. You are in the chirpings of the birds, the giggles of a child, the echoes in canyons.  You are in the gentle breezes, the laughing brooks, the slumbering meadows. Everywhere I look and you are there, dear Lord. More wondrous still will be when I see you face to face.

I have been a real coward ever since I joined that club. They tell dirty jokes and I smile instead of changing the subject.  A friend of mine is very sick, but I have not been to see that person because I don’t know what to say.  I am a coward so I don’t offend my friends. I am a coward because I value a surface relationship with them instead of a true one. Help me do better.

There is a basin of blood at the foot of your cross.  You washed me and made me clean when I was baptized in that blood. That which was crimson and ladened with grief, made me pure and white and overflowing with joy.  How can this be? What you went through for me. How you fought Satan for my spirit, my life, my soul.  I do not understand your strength, but I know it is greater than Satan’s.  He made you bleed, but the life that flowed out of you with that blood became the water of life. Thank you for all you did for me. I do not deserve it.


August 13

I lift up my praises to you, the only and great. God. You hear me though I am one of millions.  So magnificent. Yet you love me.  So powerful and creative. So entangled with love, joy, mercy, kindness that will never end. Your mental powers are mind-boggling to me. You think of millions of things at the same time. You treat me as though I am the only one in the world besides you. I can only imagine all that you are and worship at the foot of your throne.

I am so ashamed, Lord, because I used your name as a swear word. I made your name vile at the sound of it.  It slipped out; I didn’t mean for it to happen. But I know our words reflect our heart. Forgive me, please, and help me examine my heart as objectively as possible so I can find the part of me that would do such a vile thing.

Some people become angry at you for letting sickness, and broken legs, and all kinds of bad things happen. Satan causes it and intends for people to blame God. He has always done that. He did it to Job in the Bible and is still doing it in order to accuse you. But you, my Lord, can turn any of Satan’s attacks into blessings.  You put me here for a reason ~ to help people who become unfortunate.  Every time I reach out and help someone, I am thwarting Satan. Sometimes the unfortunate person is me and I must stand up under it with grace, knowing my suffering will bring someone who cares closer to you. Thank you, Lord, for distresses. May I always see them as opportunities to defeat Satan alongside you one battle at a time.


August 14

I adore and admire you so much, Jehovah God. You are far above all that I am. Far above every possession or ability. Far above all thought or imagination. Yet, you know me by name. You make time for me. You love me. I praise you for being so good and so right. I am nothing compared to you Yet you take my nothingness and share your glory with me. You take my nothingness and make me the child of your heart.  Ah, my Lord. I love and worship you.

Father, I showed off yesterday in front of other Christians. I pretended I knew how to pray better than anyone there. Actually, all I did was write down a prayer and, when it came time, I read it.  I read it so others would admire me, not you. I am so wrong and so sorry. Forgive me.

Thank you for your love that sticks with me no matter what I do ~ good or bad words, good or bad attitudes, good or bad actions. Your love never ceases. It is overwhelming.  I do not deserve it. I am so unworthy, for I cannot be sinless and you are so perfect. How can I thank you?  My whole life I will thank you.


August 15

As long as there is breath in me, I will praise you. As long as my heart beats, I will praise you. As long as I have a lucid mind, I will praise you. Though I may be beaten to deny you, in my weakness I will praise you. Though I may be imprisoned for not denying you, in my restraint I will praise you. Though they may threaten to kill me, at the moment of my death I will praise you. As long as it is within my being to do so, I will praise you, my Lord and my God.

My standards and priorities got twisted around again, Father.  I heard a missionary speak about all he is doing to save physically and spiritually people in another country. Though he did not ask for money, I knew he could use it. I pretended to myself I had none to spare. Then afterward , I went to the store and bought a new cell phone. Jesus said my treasures are where my heart is. Please rescue my heart from this blind selfishness of mine.

Thank you for coming to our world as the kind of man you created. With that, you made my salvation possible. Salvation from Satan and his hopeless prison of hell.  You rescued me. You ransomed me. You bought me back. All to take me home with you to heaven. And everyone else who once turned against you. Thank you for forgiving me and all the others. Thank you for such astounding love that soars through the universe to my heart.


August 16

Oh Lord, my God. I do not always understand you. But I trust you no matter what happens in my personal life, in my city, my nation, the world. I know you have everything under control. You step back sometimes to let the true motives of bad people be seen at the expense of people they hurt. I do not always understand you. But I trust you no matter what happens to my body during plagues and to the earth during natural disasters. No matter what happens, I will trust you and praise you. I will never turn away from you as long as you give me strength to do so. May I die praising you.

Father, I am still holding a grudge against some people who did things against me months ago. Help me let go of it! Make Satan go away so I can replace my grudges with love and kindness. Help me hand over such people to you, and help me examine my own heart honestly.

My Father, thank you for making me your child. I am a child of the Creator of greater things than I can ever see or understand ~ me just a spec in the cosmos! How is that possible? I am a child of the King over all kings, the Lord over all lords. I am a child of the self-existent one who chose to make me, protect me, and love me. How unworthy I feel. I fall at your feet in gratitude and heart thanks.


August 17

I lift up my praises to you, Jehovah, God of the universe. You are the ultimate love, for though mankind has left you, you want us back so we can delight in each other’s presence. As a new-born baby, I think perhaps I must have been aware of you, having just left your presence. But as I grew older, I drifted farther from you. When I became grown, I did things you were ashamed of. But you pursued me anyway. Your love was stubborn. Your love was such a powerful and mighty and driving force. You reached out to me over and over. Though I ran from you a little while, I gradually realized you were not going to let me go. I gradually realized the potency of your love. When I turned toward you, you held out your holy arms to me and welcomed me back home.

Lord, I have some relatives I used to be very close to. I let them drift away and now I do not know where they are. Am I afraid they are angry with me? Such selfishness.  I must pursue them as you do me when I drift away.

My Lord, sometimes I am tired. I do not want to do anything but sit and stare or go for long walks. Sometimes I am discouraged. I am at a loss what to do next, so I do nothing. Sometimes I feel so inadequate, I lie down and refuse to do anything at all. At those times, you smile, take my hand, and whisper, “It’s okay. Go ahead and rest. I’ll send one of my angels to sit with you. When you are ready, I’ll be ready too.  You do not need to ask my forgiveness, for there is nothing to forgive.  Rest now and be at peace.” Thank you for being so understanding, my Lord.


August 18

Lord God Almighty, as long as I walk with you, I am safe. Nothing others can say or do to me can harm me. They may insult me, threaten me, beat me, but all the while I will be safe. I will not hear their words because your words will echo through my mind ~ words of love and comfort. I will not notice their threats because I will be hiding under the shadow of your wings and only hear your breath of life.  I will not feel the beatings they batter me with because I will feel only your loving arms around me. Lord, with you I am strong. With you my soul is at peace.

My Father, I tried to make someone face their sins and I did it all wrong. All I did was provoke them and make them determined to stay even farther from you than they already are. Show me how, Lord. I really messed things up. Make them forget my words and replace them with yours. Forgive me.

Oh Lord, I remember the day of my baptism. It was long ago, but I remember everything about it. I remember walking up and sitting on the front pew. I remember the preacher asking me if I believed Jesus is the Son of God. I said yes, but in my young heart I thought the question was so unnecessary because, of course he is the Son of God!  I remember my mother and her friend helping me put on a white robe and stepping down into the baptistry. I remember the preacher’s words: “I now baptized you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of your sins.” I remember leaning back and going down into the water. Most vividly I remember coming up out of the water and telling myself, “I am sinless! I am pure!” Thank you for making all this possible and for the good memory of it.


August 19

I adore you, Jehovah God. You have shared your mind and heart with us through your Words, your Son, your Spirit, your eternal mind and heart. You are the fountain of all that is good and right. You are the source of all I see, am, can have, and will be. You are my life and hope. I praise you and adore you, my Lord and my God.

Father, I’m discouraged right now. I ask people if they want to go with me to worship you, or to let me give them a Bible, or to look up things you said in your Word. They turn me down politely, usually by saying they are too busy. Don’t let me stop trying. There is someone out there looking for you. Forgive my discouragement and make me strong again.

Jesus, you came down to us from the infinite to the finite, from the glorious to the ordinary. You arrived to make us all brothers and sisters here and your family in heave. Ah, Jesus, how can I thank you? You went through so much for me and all of us. You keep loving me even when I sin.  I love you. Thank you from my heart and soul.


August 20

Ah, my Lord and God. How I adore you. How I want to please you. I am yours forever. You are my life and my love. How you can let me be so close to you amazes me. But you made me and want to beautify my spirit and make my heart strong. You treasure me as a pearl in the sea, a diamond in the sky, a twinkle in your eye. Such love overwhelms me. My soul bows to you and my heart worships you.

Forgive me, Lord, when I get too pushy. I don’t know when to hold back sometimes. Others do not have my vision and hope. Forgive my impatience. Make me as patient with others as you are with me.

Lord God, you materialized and came to earth to show us how to live, love, and die. You continually taught the inexpressible, performed the impossible, and reached the unattainable. Why? So we could attain the unreachable. You left all the glories of heaven for us. You left your majesty for us. You left your sinless world for us. How can I thank you for all you did? For me ~ simple unworthy me. I worship in gratitude and always will.

August 21

I praise you God of creation. You are the only God, the self-existent one. You are at once the Child who was born, the Son also  called Father and  Mighty God. You are the one I worship. I adore you and look up to you as my Maker, my Protector, my Redeemer from Satan. How can you allow me to be so close to you? It is because you love me without limit. Satan fears you. May I always stand on your side and never believe any of Satan’s likes on how to make others envy me. No matter what Satan lambasts me with ~ disease, handicap, loss of family, loss of possessions ~ I will never blame you as he wants, and I will remain faithful.  The real world is not here!  It is in your realm. How I adore you.

Lord, I am still discouraged. Why won’t your kingdom grow where I am living? What am I doing wrong that I could be doing to represent you better? Why do lost souls wander from me with their excuses? Oh, Lord, give me souls or else I die.

Father, no matter how lonely and deserted I feel sometimes, I will never forsake you and never compromise. You never forsook me and never compromised. Keep reminding me of that. I shall continue to tell others how much you love them. Until the day I die, I will declare you are the only God and love them so they can open their eyes and be grateful too.


August 22

You, Jehovah, the self-existent One, are the only God. The universe announces your divinity, the cosmos declares your majesty, the galaxies proclaim your holiness. You alone deserve my unswerving loyalty. How great you are in the power of creativity and love. How amazing you are to keep this great world with hundreds of billions of galaxies all moving about properly. Despite me being just a sinful speck, you know who I am and love me.

Lord, you gave me a talent and I appreciate it. But I am afraid it is taking over my life. I love doing it too much to the detriment of taking an interest in the needs and loneliness of others. Help me overcome spending too much time alone doing things I love so I will spend more time doing things others love to do.

Ah, my Lord God, you love me so. I do not deserve it.  But I was made by you, and no matter what I do ~ good or bad ~ you just want to love me in return. You hold me in your blessed arms, and at night I something think you are rocking me to sleep.  How can I say thank you? How can I utter the words well enough? The God of the entire universe loves me! He loves me!


August 23

I feel the night coming on, my Lord. Shadows surround me, I am growing weaker. But nothing can turn my soul away from you. I am in the valley now, Lord. The darkness is filled with the unknown. But I cannot feel alone as long as you are with me. Onward I will go. Though my enemies despise me and my friends desert me, still will I walk toward home.  You have always promised to never leave and forsake me. Though the blackness of dark leaps over me, it will be light in my soul. The valley is deep, but onward I go, for I know that on the other side will be the gate. With tears of joy and relief I will walk out of the valley and through that gate. You will take my hand in your wounded one, and walk with me through glory. On the other side. All on the other side. And I will then praise you forever and forever.

Father, someone said hateful things to me and I said just as hateful things back to them. I became angry and defensive. I forgot what you told me about loving my enemies. I could have blessed them instead, but I didn’t. I am so ashamed now. Help me find a way to make it up to them.

It is dawn. Thank you, Lord, for morning. Thank you for second chances and new opportunities and fresh insights.  The sun is rising higher and higher, spreading its rays of hope and cheer. Thank you for the rest that brought about new strength for a new day. And for time to reflect on the joy of you as I plan my day. Someday there will be another dawn. A dawn when I will close my eyes here and open them in the land of forever dawn where you are the sun and it is always morning.

August 24

I am lost in wonder at the very thought of you, my Lord. My mind is transported to your birth as a babe, your amazing life, your conquest of Satan. I cannot begin to comprehend how much strength it took for you to empty yourself as you did for me. But your victory! Oh, the victory. It could not have been possible without your strength. Satan had my soul, but you grabbed me out of his clutch, paid the ransom with your blood, and offered heaven to me. Your tenderness toward me. Your mercies. My heart cannot completely comprehend your heart. Your gift of love tastes so sweet to my soul.  If I praise you ten thousand times ten thousand in this life, I will have only just begun.

Father, there were some men on the street begging. A lot of people passed them. I overheard one man yell for him to get a job. No one knew his circumstance ~ what physical, mental, or spiritual pain he was enduring. But I joined in with the other man and shouted along with him, “Get a job, why don’t you?”.  Now I am ashamed. It would not have hurt me to sit down next to him, visit with him a while, and give him a dollar. I am so ashamed. Forgive me, Father, and help him forgive me. I will try to find him today. Oh, and help him in the way only you know how  to do.

Lord, you are my friend. You are actually my friend. As I walk through life, you walk with me. When I cry, you cry. When I laugh, you laugh. When my burdens seem too hard to bear, you lift them off my shoulders and carry them on your own. What a friend you are. You have promised to never leave me. What a promise. Sweet, delectable, unbelievable promise. Thank you.


August 25

My heart sings to you, my Lord God. I lift up my voice and it echoes from star to star. I sing in the morning and through the day. And in the evening when I fall asleep, my song is not still, for my soul leaps to the moon and my song resonates through the stars to your throne.  In the night I sometimes awaken a moment and hear the chirping crickets and croaking frogs singing their song to you. In the day, I hear the warbling birds and purring kittens singing their song to you. The world sings to you, for you are our Maker and we worship you.

A strange man came to my door. I had the screen locked so I would be safe. He said all he wanted was a drink of water. I was afraid of him. His clothes were torn, his hair unkempt, and his breath smelled wretched.  I turned him down. Maybe I should have been afraid of him, but maybe not. I could have at least waited for him to walk away from my door and set a glass of water on the step, then called for him to come get it. Oh, the excuses I make for not doing right toward my fellow man. You never said to find out if they are worthy; you just said to help.

Lord, you are my high priest who laid down on the altar of the world that day on the cross and became your own sacrifice. You are my king who descended from your throne to share your majesty with me. You are my shepherd who goes down treacherous haunts to rescue me from places I should not have been in the first place. You are all I could hope for and more than I can comprehend. All I know is that, whatever you do, it is out of love for me. Thank you, my Lord. Thank you.


August 26

I saw the milky way in the sky last night for the first time in years.  How amazing. Chandeliers in the sky for my delight. And my galaxy is only one of hundreds of billions of galaxies. You think of everything, then go far above that. You love me, then surpass that.  You guide me and go beyond it. You are too marvelous, too wonderful, too majestic, too holy for me to understand.  But I plan to spend my whole life trying, Lord. How exciting that has made my life and will continue to on into eternity.

I have not tried hard enough to find that relative I used to be so close to. I am not sure how to go about it, but I haven’t tried very hard either. I think I fear we drifted apart because of some resentment and I fear they will show their resentment again.  I just want to resume the relationship we used to have. But I don’t want it enough to do anything about it, do I, Lord? Forgive me laxity. Make me look harder.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me my second breath and come out of my discouragement. Thank you for helping me think of new ways I can reach out to other people so they will know just how much you love them. And for the time to do it. Time is so precious. At the end of time, I will be home with you. But, until then, I will thank you for the priceless thing called time. May I turn it into gold for you.


August 27

I adore you, God of the universe. You did not just make me, then wander away in boredom. You have taken interest in everything I have done, am doing, and will do. You do that for everyone and keep us all separated in your mind and attention. You even know our thoughts and our names. How astonishing you are in power and concern, in holiness and love. You are the perfect one and I worship you.

I need to associate with people who do not associate with me. I need to treat them the way you treat me when I become too busy to think about you. You gave the world the Bible but we don’t read it or talk to you.  That includes me more than I want to admit. Forgive me and help me.

For thousands of years, Satan kept mankind out of heaven. You came, gave Satan your blood as ransom, and reopened the door so we could enter in. For all the centuries it took to make us ready for you, thank you. For all the work it took to get us into the safety of heaven Thank you for all you have done to rescue me and provide a priceless home with you. Not just for a while, but for eternity. I devote my life to you for all you have done for me.

August 28

I adore you and worship you, my Maker, my God, my Father, my Spirit, my Friend. You love me even when I am not loveable. You run after me when I wander away. You never stop thinking about me. I do not deserve such love. You are so perfect and I am so imperfect. You are so holy, so just, so merciful. I whisper my song to you. I revere you, venerate you, honor you, and worship you.

Father, sometimes when I speak to someone about becoming a Christian, I come across as though I am trying to win them over to my side. That is wrong. I need to come across representing you and professing your tender love for them. Help me for their souls’ sake.

Thank you, God, for saving me from Satan. The battle is not over, though. Satan keeps lying to people, declaring that good is bad and bad is good. Thank you for the privilege of remaining in the battlefield to grab more and more people Satan has reimprisoned. But, finally someday I will be able to live with you and see you face to face. I will rest from my work here and go on to exciting things to do with you. Will it be to help rule other worlds? All I know for sure is heaven. You’re actually offering me heaven!


August 29

Oh, to be your hands, dear Lord, and do for others as you do for me. Oh, to be your feet and go to those who walk away from you because they are afraid of you. To be your eyes and watch over others so I can step in when they need me. To be your ears to hear people silently crying out for you. To be your voice to share your beautiful, amazing, and tender words of love to the world. I know I cannot come close to being those things but, Lord, I shall try. It will always be my honor to at least try in my own puny way to embody you in some way. It is my worship.

Lord, there is a prison nearby and I have never been to it. Even if I do not know anyone there, I could at least donate books to their library. Or I could ask the chaplain if there was someone no one ever visits or writes to. I have not even tried to find out what I can do there. Forgive me.

It is nearly harvest time. I have worked in my garden all summer and everything is progressing toward maturity in perfection.  My corn, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons ~ all almost ready to be harvested. I feel like a parent to those plants. It may sound silly, but I do. They are like my babies. I guess this is kind of like how you feel toward me. You always give me things to do that make me remember what you are like. Thank you for that.


August 30

I adore you, God of my heart, God of my soul, God of my universe. You are all power. The power of love, the power of reliability, the power of promises kept. Your stubborn love follows me around. Amidst a world of coming and going, doing and being, rushing and climbing, you are steady and always the same. You never waver from wanting to help the world escape from Satan’s influence on our lives and bring us into your astonishingly wonderful world.  We sometimes run from you and you run after us.  Your patience dumbfounds me. Your mercy confounds me. Your love overwhelms me.

Father, I laughed at something yesterday that no one else laughed at. Was that person more serious than I thought? Did I offend that person? Oh, Lord, forgive me if I did. Help me find a way to do something kind of special for that person now.

It is raining, Lord. Soft, gentle drops. Oh, look!  I see a rainbow at the other end of the sky. My garden must be very happy now, and you have delighted my senses with the rainbow. The earth smells fresh now. Should I go outside and walk a little in the rain? I have not done that in such a long time. Perhaps I will take off my shoes and step in some puddles and squish the bubbly mud between my toes. Such simple pleasures you send. How you must be smiling right now. Me, too, Lord. I’m smiling too. Thank you for the refreshing rain.


August 31

I hear your voice calling me, Lord. I hear it in the wind, in the hooting of that owl, in the gentle rushing of the creek.  I hear your voice now in song.  My heart sings along with yours. My spirit feels your spirit, my soul touches your soul. Oh, that you have granted me the privilege of being your child. The very thought of it confounds my imagination. You, my Maker, am also my Father. You watch over me and care for me and protect me. Even if I were being beaten right now, I will feel your protection. There is nowhere I can go that I am beyond your watchful eye and too far from the shadow of your wings. There is nowhere I can go that you cannot hear me, see me, and touch me. I adore you, Lord my God, and worship you.

Someone swore at me in the store yesterday. Instead of smiling, I let them get to me. Instead of blessing them, I let them make me angry and resentful. Lord, if you always lived in me, I would not have reacted as I did. Forgive me, Lord, and help me be more like you.

You have done so much for me through my life so far, how can I begin to thank you for them all?  If I made a list, it would become a large and thick book. When I become afraid, you give me courage. When I stumble and do wrong, you lift me back up. When I cry, you wipe away my tears. When I laugh, you laugh with me. When I am sick, you make me well.  When I limp, you are my staff. You give me enough shelter to keep me out of the elements when I sleep. You give me enough clothing to keep me warm, enough food to keep me healthy, enough mercy to remind me to be merciful to others. Most of all, you ransomed me from Satan. And now, you are preparing a special place for me in heaven where I will spend eternity thanking you for being the God of Love.