In short, the Baha’i faith was an offshoot of the Muslim faith in much the same way that Buddhism was an offshoot of Hinduism and Christianity was an offshoot of Judaism.

The Arabs believed Muhammud’s successor should be elected by the people.  But the Iranians believed he should be a descendant of Muhammud.  This was part of the Iranian/Persian traditional belief in the divine right of kings and that they were supernatural and free from sin.  The latter group became known as the Shi’ite Muslims.  That successor they called Imam (leader). 

The twelfth Imam (leader) and descendant of Muhammud disappeared in Iraq in 873 AD.  Hoping for his return, the Shihite Muslims recognized twelve Bas (gates) successively to communicate God’s will. Some day, the missing son will  return to rule and at that time the religion and government of the world will be one under him.   Shortly after that the world would end. 

Eventually many began to believe the missing son would return 1000 years after his disappearance, and that would be in 1873. In 1872 a Persian/Iranian named Baha’u’llah wrote The Most Holy Book with new laws, revising some of the old Muslim and Bab laws, and called today Al-Kitab Al-Aqdas.  It is not very long because it only added to the beliefs of the Muslims, and most specifically the Shi-ite Muslims.  It was Baha’u’llah who emphasized more than ever that this religion would some day be the only religion of the world.   Therefore, he added provisions for political and police powers under the name of House of Justice in every city made up of at least nine “agents of God for the whole earth” (p. 31).   (The Al-Kitab Al-Aqdas was not divided by chapters and verses, so citations refer to page numbers as published in 1974 by William Carey Library.)




GOD Names of God in the Baha’i scriptures include:  Wise One, Commanding One, Possessor of Countenance and Beauty, Mighty One, Free Giver, Maker of Heaven and Earth, the Knower, the Encompassing One, the Exalted, the Self-Sufficient, Self-Subsistent Overseer, the Beloved King, Possessor of Destiny, Most High Pen, Unique, Creator of Creation, Knower, Commander, Generous Forgiver, the Sun of Reason, Maker of the Heaven. He is, of course, pretty much identical to Allah of Mohammudism. And he is depicted in a similar fashion to the God of Judaism and Christianity Very much alike.
WORKS Even though a person performs all good works, if he is deprived of God, he is of the people of error (pg. 23).  “By God, the Truth, if one were to wash the feet of everybody in the world and worship God in thickets and in green valleys, on mountains, hill-tops, and summits, and at every stone and tree and clod, and yet the fragrance of My good pleasure be not diffused from him, he would never be accepted” (pg. 33).  In relation to this, people of India who have withdrawn from the world and deprived themselves and endured hermitages and hardships “will not be remembered by God” (pg. 33). God does not want anyone to parish (II Peter 3:9).  He gave his Son to the whole world, and salvation is for anyone who believes in Him (John 3:16).  He does not pick and choose who will be saved.  He invites everyone, and chooses those who accept his invitation.
RELIGION/WORSHIP Practice nine prostrations to God a day and turn your face toward Shatri, the Holy Station [political/religion headquarters] (pg. 24-25). Worship the dead (pg. 25). No congregational worship except for worship of the dead (p. 26).  Every day say 95 times “Allahu abha” ~ God is most Splendid (pg. 29).  Having a job and working is a form of worship (pg. 32). Kissing the hands of religious leaders is forbidden (pg. 32).

Every city is to have a House of Justice with at least nine men serving as “agents of God for the whole earth” (pg. 31).  All adulterers and adulteresses are to pay fines to the House of Justice.  A third of all fines is to go to the Resting-place (house) of Justice (pg. 38).  Associate with people of other religions (formerly forbidden by Mohammud) to propagate the Baha’i faith.  Read other books if they are useful to you (formerly forbidden by Mohammud) (pg. 45).  Various world powers are reassured that the Baha’i’s did not want to take over their kingdoms, but rather possess their hearts with the Baha’i faith (pg. 47-50).  For every 100 mithqals of gold, 19 belong to God.  Learn different languages to propogate the Cause of God ~ formerly forbidden by the Bab (pg. 55). Travel where ever you want ~ formerly forbidden by the Bab (pg. 58).

“O people of the councils in different countries, choose a language among the languages to be spoken by those on earth.  Choose likewise the handwriting to be used….a means for attaining union…for agreement and civilization” (pg. 74 and at the end of the book).

Even an angel of heaven told someone not to bow down to him and worship him, but rather to worship God (Revelation 22:8-9).


It is a shame that today’s Shi-Ite Muslims do not believe their own writings, that they are to conquer the hearts of nations, not take over their governments.

HEAVEN The heaven of the Baha’I faith is the same as that of Mohammudism, described as Paradise. See contracts in chart of Muslims.