M * A * Y

May 1

I adore you, my God.  You envelop the earth with grandeur. You soar through the cosmos stepping on planets and touching each star. You call them all by name and they join you in the song of the universe. I am passionate about you. May you forever be my passion that keeps me lunging forward toward you, unable to stop myself because of the power of your love.

Yesterday I had immoral notions. I shocked myself. I had thought I was above all that. Help me get rid of those thoughts for good. And forgive me.

Ah, my Lord and God, how I love your Book.  You tell me so many things in it. They are so exciting. That is because you are so exciting. We are fickle but you remain the same. When things are going well, we take credit for it, then you bring us low. Then the cycle begins again. In your Book, you tell of the ebb and flow of our devotion to you. You tell of the depths of despair mankind lowers itself to when forsaking you, then you tell of the mountains of glory we can have when we return to you. You are my light and life. Sometimes I feel selfish because I feel as though I have you all to myself.  I must tell others. I must share your Words, your Loves with the World.


May 2

The deepest reaches of my soul praise you, Lord God.  I would burst if I could not.  When I awake, night merges into morning and I extol you for a new dawn. When I walk about through my day, I exalt you. When I lie down to sleep at the end of the day, I worship you. You are my breath, my heartbeat, my reason for being.

Someone told a joke the other day making fun of impurity and I laughed at it. Why did I do that? I know better.  I guess I didn’t want to look like a prude, even though that is what I am ~ a prude who respects my Lord God and defies Satan.  Why should I care what they think of me? Forgive me and help me to at least walk away next time.

Ah, my glorious God, you give me all things that I need and more. Above all, you gave me salvation from hell. With that I have all things. Though I grow depressed sometimes over human events and material things that do not work out, I remind myself that I still have heaven with You.  That is worth ten thousand times ten thousand more than earthly concerns. At the end, I will rise up and be always at your service as you rule supreme over all worlds. Thank you.


May 3

Your love, oh God, appears from the most unlikely and impenetrable places. Like water out of a rock. Like life from a long-dead seed.  Like a pin of light in a deep and dark cave. Let your love burst forth and astonish mankind with a love that refuses defeat. Let your magnificence soar to the uttermost parts of the heavens. Let your victory chain Satan in his hell and shout your glory.

I was insolent toward a clerk in the store. I acted as though I was better and more important. It was my place to respect that clerk’s decision about the price I paid.

As I ride in cars and buses and trains, I thank you for what my grandparents and great grandparents did not have. I can go places in hours that took them days.  Life was slow then, but now is fast. So much more can be done in a day. And communication: Telephones and radios and televisions and the internet. Impossible to even imagine for them. Thank you for modern inventions. More, thank you for helping me see that the impossible is possible. That the unimaginable is imaginable. The unreachable is reachable. Not just in my world, but in the hidden worlds and the heaven of heavens where you dwell.


May 4

Holy! Holy! Holy! Because of you, Lord God, thieves stop stealing and rise up to call you holy.  Because of you, liars stop lying and raise their voices to call you holy. Because of you, drunks stop drinking and stand up to declare you holy.  Because of you, murderers stop murdering and lift their hearts to announce you holy. Because of you, the selfish stop hoarding and release all they own to  you holy. You are life in its purest form.

Lord, I have been so busy lately, I have little time to think of you and worship you. Forgive me and make me slow down, eliminating the unnecessary to make room for you to re-enter my life.

Oh, Jesus, that cross was intended to be an instrument of torture and shame outside of Jerusalem but turned into a tower of light for the world. That crown of thorns was intended to be a mockery but turned into a crown of gold that pronounced you king of the world. Those nails were intended to pierce human flesh; instead, it pierced the heart of the world. How can I thank you? How can any of us thank you for rescuing my wounded soul and making me a child of the King of kings?


May 5

The wind rushes anxiously down the mountains to worship you. The waters pound the shore so the sands will move aside and worship you. The snow falls in silence to purify the ground so it will worship you. All things worship you. They exist because of you. You are their Creator and their life force. Let me shout it to the world both now and in the infinity of forever.

Lord, I am jealous of my friend who was given an award for doing something I can do even better. Why not me? Why couldn’t I have received the award? Forgive me even now, and help me be happy for my friend.

Lord of all that exists, I bow to you because I never can live up to your perfection. I am weak. How can you love me so? When I fall, you lift me up. When I stray, you run after me and bring me back. When I weep, you wipe away my tears. When I collapse, you make me fly. Always you make me better than I am. You delight in me and make me your own. I lift my eyes to you in gratitude.


May 6

I was in the valley of sin. You called me and lifted me a little higher. I got to my knees, you called again and lifted me even higher. I rose to a stoop, you called again and lifted me to greater heights. I stood tall, you called me louder and lifted me to the gate of heaven, forgiven. You called one last time and lifted me to your throne completely saved. I could not help myself. I descended again. Only this time it was to the foot of your throne where I worshipped you, and worship still.

Yesterday I said words that were offensive to the people I was addressing. At first, I thought it was funny but when I looked into their eyes, I saw that I had hurt them. Forgive me and help them forgive me.

I rush like the wind to give my deepest thanks for all you did to save me from Satan’s trap.  He wanders in and out of my thoughts enshrouded by the darkness of his light.  His wisdom gives me permission to flaunt my will over yours. His lies cover up my willfulness so that I think I have won eternity without you. I rely on your Words to tell me what is truth. I rely on your Words to warn me of the shadows of his laughter. I rely on your Words to lift me up and carry me away from the Great Destroyer to safety in your everlasting arms. Only in you is there strength. Only in you is there wonder and beauty and everything magnificent that Satan does not want me to know of. Only in you is there true life.


May 7

I praise and adore you, my God.  You are so far beyond understanding or comprehension. Yet you notice me and everyone else individually, whether in China or the other side of the earth in America or Europe, whether in the north where it is springtime or in the south where it is autumn. You notice people with lives in danger, people in prison, people making speeches, people asleep. Everyone!  You notice and watch and hear all at once as though each of us is the only one you notice, watch and hear. So unbelievable and wondrous. I worship you

Lord, I have been eating too much lately. I didn’t need all the food I ate. I wasn’t really hungry for most of it. I put those things in my mouth for the taste alone. The taste was so fleeting, I had to get another taste and another ~ just indulging in myself. Help me stop doing that.

Thank you for allowing me to converse with you. Without prayer, who would I talk to about these deep and sometimes hidden things? You understand me even when I do not understand myself. You forgive me even when I do not forgive myself. If I do not forgive myself, it robs me of being able to have a second chance and be a new person all over again. Thank you for pouring out your heart to mine in your Bible. There is so much my stubborn mind misses. Satan tries to put blinders on me because he is jealous of you and wants me to rely on him ~ the father of liars. But I’ll keep trying. My copy of your Bible is right here in front of me, just as you are.


May 8

It is spring. Little by little the flowers are blooming and showing a little more of your glory. Some will fade and rest until this time next year when they will return. Some will become fruit and nourish me with zest and delight, just like you nourish my heart. It is spring. Raindrops soften the earth, breezes waft and tease, the sun shares its warm rays while declaring you are the light of the world. What a wonderful, beautiful God you are!

I have to confess that I would rather watch something on television in the evening than spend that time writing a little note of encouragement or visiting someone who is lonely. Help me break loose of my habit of preferring my pleasure over that of others.

Thank you for the seasons, each with their own gifts. Purifying winter with gentle snows, awakening spring with all its rebirths. Hazy summer when nature plays games with the world. Cozy autumn to say goodnight until another promised awakening. Thank you for the delightful earth you made for me. How much fun it must have been for you make! I can see the twinkle in your eye, the flicking of your wrist, the hum on your lips, the coo of a dove tantalizes your ears, the sunshine in your heart.


May 9

I praise you, God of glory. Your splendor is the light of your goodness and the richness of your comfort.  Your glory is your mercy when I do wrong and protection when others doing wrong toward me. You interrupt me when I am about to do that which I should not and you make me fail when I plan something that would betray you. You watch over me and it is too much to understand how you can. You know all my thoughts and prayers, actions and cares. You love me so much, refusing to let me go, I can only worship you.

Lord, I lusted after someone’s new car. I didn’t even know the owner of the car, nor did I care. I just wanted to have a shiny new car like that and even dreamed about it. How silly. Forgive me.

Thank you for all you did over the centuries to save mankind from our own sins. It took you thousands of years to straighten out our mess. We had to be led step by step to see that we couldn’t save ourselves by creating our own religion or by following the rules you gave through Moses. It took us thousands of years to see just how far we had fallen and how serious our fall was, We couldn’t lift ourselves out. At just the right time, you materialized, became one of us, and paid Satan’s ransom of death to set us free from slavery to him. How can I thank you enough? Though I express my lowly gratitude a thousand times a thousand, it will not begin to be enough.


May 10

It is morning. The sun is red and gold with excitement, for you returned to earth life on a Sunday morning after all the earthquakes. You showed the world how you are indeed God. You light up the world and brighten my day. You bring love and laughter into my life and the stars sing. You take a step and the earthquakes. You breathe and the oceans roll. You smile and the deserts awaken.  Ah, Lord God, you are my world.

I feel as though I have looked for seekers all my life so I can bring them to you, but it is never enough. There are so few seekers. Help me find a way to meet them and recognize them. I feel like a failure.

I thank you because you are so powerful in what is right and never give in. You would not be God if you did. You are strong in justice but find ways to temper it with mercy.  When Satan accuses, you forgive. When Satan makes sick, you heal. When Satan creates bitterness, you create peace. When Satan trapped our souls and we could not break away, you materialized and took our punishment for us. You paid the death ransom because we were too weak. In your mighty power, you set us free. How amazing you are. In my sinfulness, you see me as white and pure.  My soul enlarges and bursts with deep thankfulness.


May 11

I adore you, my God. I cannot see or hear you, but I know you are beside me and in love with me. You are higher than the stars, louder than the thunder, gentler than the butterfly, deeper than the ocean, sweeter than a flower. They are all a touch of you. I bask in the warmth of your love, the gentle breezes of your mercy, the quietude of safety in you.

Lord, I lied. I did not tell a lie, but I failed to reveal the truth. I remained quiet and led someone to believe something that did not happen that way at all.  I knew the way it happened, but did not speak up. I must go to them and reveal the truth so you will forgive me.

Ah, my Lord, thank you for the Bible and revealing yourself in it. I never have to guess. Your mind is laid bare to me. You’ve exposed all your joys and pain, laughter and tears, hopes and desires, strengths and tenderness, justice and mercy. You dared expose yourself to me. All the rawness and transparency is there for me. Do I dare do less? My God, my hope is in you. My will I surrender to you. My heart I give you. My soul bows forever to you.


May 12

I praise you, God, for all that you are. You are so strong, nothing can make you change. That is what makes you God. You are the doer, not the blockade. You are the Creator, not the destroyer. You are the love, the light giver, the light provider. How I adore you.

Lord, I have neglected going to see people who need my encouragement. I know they need me, but I do something for myself instead. It has gotten out of hand. Open my eyes and forgive me.

Thank you, Jehovah God, for giving me the Bible that explains why I am here and all you did to save me from Satan’s living death. Thank you that you are preparing me to live and reign with you over worlds I cannot imagine. Whatever they are, my will shall always be your will.  Without you, nothing good can ever happen.  With you, goodness reigns supreme.  With you, I can live forever. You have allowed me to stand with you. The fight is worth it. The victory overwhelming.


May 13

You are the only God and you are glorious. You are powerful in love, in justice, in mercy. You are life and must ever be creating life. Woe to those who kill, for they are fighting you.  Those who lie dare to deny you. Those who boost their will over yours are siding with Satan who desires to be over you.  Ah, my Lord God, I adore you and fall at your feet.  You are beyond understanding and fill my heart with the unspeakable joy of seeing you face to face someday.

Help me see myself as others do and as you do. Open my eyes to the real me. Make me go through things that reveal to me the stuff I am truly made of.

Thank you, Lord, for providing Words in writing so I know what and who my God is and how you react to people like me. You love me so and never stop thinking about me. Lord Jesus, thank you for being willing to go backward ~ leaving heaven to dwell on earth as one of us, resisting all the temptations of Satan. Then you actually defied him by letting him kill you so you could return to life.

You went backward so I could go forward ~ leaving earth to dwell in heaven. You risked it all for me. What if Satan had succeeded? But you stood strong, head-to-head with him, refusing to obey him, side with him, or even to give you what he dared think you wanted ~ his kingdoms. They were not his to give. They were already yours. The coward slinked away in your mighty presence.


May 14

Ah, my Lord, you are all I need. You have a home prepared and all waiting for me at the end of my sojourn here. Oh,  blessed and joyous homecoming. How I long for it to be now. How I long to dwell with you and praise you each moment of eternity. And, having crowned me with your love, I will declare my fealty to you and reign with you as an unworthy exalted servant over whatever worlds you place under me. Forever, I will be yours.

I’m neglecting other people too much. This is a constant sin I struggle with. How can you keep forgiving me when I do it over and over? Interfere with my life so I will look beyond what I like to what others like.

I know I cannot join you in your realm yet because I still have work to do. Thank you for the church so we can encourage each other’s work. So we can learn more about you as a group. So we don’t have to face our sins alone. So we can share our sadness with those who love us. So, we can be priests to each other and make sacrifices for each other. So we can pray for each other and read your Word together. So we can share our little victories with each other. So we can struggle to do better together. So we can lift each other and never feel alone. Thank you for your Plan to continue the wondrous life of Christ on earth through our combined efforts. And your promise to lift us up to reign with you someday in the heavens.


May 15

I praise you, Lord God of heart. You are my king, my Father, my Creator, my Life, my Betrothed, the Lover of my soul. You are all I need and all everyone else needs. I came from you and find peace only when I go back to you.  You made me, I am yours. I belong to you and long to return to you. I worship you both now and forever.

Forgive me for not sharing what you are with more people and showing them what you can make of them. You can make their life beautiful. How dare I keep it a secret!

I cannot thank you enough for giving me your Bible. It is full of delight, for I never have to guess what you’re thinking You are always on my mind. Sometimes I can hardly wait to join you in your home when I will know what you are like face to face. What a day that will be. Homecoming! The angels and cherub and all of heaven will rejoice when I arrive, but none will rejoice more than I. What a wonder you are in the brilliance of your glory and majesty.


May 16

The grains of sand are not too small to praise you.  They swell with joy and their hearts enlarge into pebbles. The pebbles cry out to you and their hearts enlarge to boulders. The boulders declare your glory and their hearts enlarge to hills. The hills shout to the meadows how great you are and their hearts enlarge to mountains. The mountains shiver and shake with your magnitude and declare to the whole earth their praises. All you made praise you. You are the high and low of all things. You are the beginning and ending of all things. You are the lover of all things.

Sometimes I have malice in my heart toward my enemies. Help me remember that you love your enemies and I must do the same. Make me pray for them. Soften their hearts and make me ready to share your love when the time is right.

Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for newspapers where I can find strangers to pray for.  Thank you for my neighbors and little children on playgrounds who I can pray for. Thank you for school teachers and government leaders who I can pray for. Thank you for people around the world of all nations and languages for whom you have given the responsibility of praying for.  The responsibility of all this is a glorious one that you entrusted me with. What an assignment. Thank you for your assignment and help me to never forget it.


May 17

Your glory guilds my songs of praise to you. You send out majestic beams of heavenly rays on all people, great and small. You brighten my day and enlighten the world around me. You give and expect nothing in return except love. Love begins as a spark and grows in glory the nearer it is to you. You give my soul wings, and I soar to you.

Friends were talking about politics and governments the other day and I joined in with them talking maliciously toward those I disagree with and fear. I must not hate any of them. Help me not hate anyone. They are in place because you put them there to accomplish some special thing.

Your blood, oh God. Your blood slipped out of your body that day so long, long ago. That which ensures life was taken out of you in order to provide life for a lifeless world held captive by Satan. Blood ransom. Satan’s price was high.  Too high. No one could pay it. So, you materialized and offered your own flesh in my place. You offered your own blood in my place. You offered your life in my place. How can I thank you for freeing my soul from Satan? Unworthy, I rush to you and fall at your feet in eternal gratitude.


May 18

How can I praise you, Lord, to the degree you deserve it? I cannot. How I wish I could. May the stars sing praises to you. May the waters declare your water of life. May the earth bring forth early buds of spring to remind the world you are the life-giver, you are life. May the frisky animals of spring growl and squeak and chatter and bark and flutter as they daily proclaim you as their Maker.

Lord, I had murder in my heart recently. Not flesh murder, but murder of someone’s reputation. I asked for prayer for someone’s problems and spelled their problems out. It was gossip in disguise, gossip and murder. I feel sick about it. Forgive me.

My heart is about to burst. You, God of glory, are a friend to all who seek you.  You fill my loneliness, wipe away my tears, hold me, smile with me, laugh with me. Then I am not lonely anymore. You are the Ultimate Friend. You never desert me no matter how rough things get. You are my life. When I leave you, you wait for me to return and finally run after me to bring me back to yourself. You have never left my side over all these years unless it was I who ran away.  Even through the times I could not see you or feel you or touch you, you were there all along. Your loyalty is too great for me to deserve. It is backward. It is I who should be forever loyal to you. You are my forever Friend. Thank you.


May 19

I praise you, Jehovah, for you are eternal in friendship, love, justice, mercy. You provide hope and permanence as you draw me to yourself in your world, in heavenly realms. How sinful I am and how perfect you are! You love me still.  Your love is more powerful than the mightiest mountain, more commanding than the domineering sun, more glorious than the greatest galaxy.  Ah, my Lord, I love you so.

Father, deep down I am lonely. Why is that? Is it because I have centered my life around myself? Help me reach out to others and center my life around them.

Thank you for materializing as Jesus, you in flesh. Then we were able to see and hear how you would speak and act in every kind of life situation. More, you conquered Satan, that shadowy and mysterious ruler of darkness that enshrouds the world with his lies that good is bad and bad is good. Still you speak to the world in your Book, showing us how to be more than conquerors through you. May I never forget you and your words. Place them in my heart forever so I may thank you from one end of eternity to beyond.


May 20

I praise you, because you are the Creator of all I see and sense and even that which is too small or too far away for me to know. When I look up in the sky and see more stars than can be counted and know I am just a spec in it all, I am overwhelmed with your largeness, your greatness, your magnitude. Yet, I am not too small for you to see and my voice is not too weak for you to hear. How I long to be with you where you are.

Help me not complain. Only a fool complains. When things do not go my way, help me realize what is happening is your way. Remind me always that I have enough.

Thank you for the new dawn with all the possibilities that lie ahead for me. Refocus my energies to reach out to others as your ambassador.  Thank you for  these glorious spring days that you have given me to clear away the cobwebs accumulated during the winter’s rest. Springtime awakens in me a desire to plant my garden, to walk along lazy paths, to watch the birds find the perfect spot and build their cozy nests. Thank you for springtime.


May 21

Ah, how I praise you, my Lord, for your supremacy and power. I laud you for truth and justice which is established by you, and love and mercy that pours out from you. Love is demanding and you never waver from it. If I wander from you, you call my name and run after me to bring me back. You never stop to rest. You never give up on me.  You accept all the responsibilities of love and do everything possible to make it bud and blossom in my heart. Your love will never let me go.

Complaining is the coward’s way. Complaining is helplessness and wanting someone else to solve whatever I want solved. Complaining is a first-cousin of accusing. That is Satan’s way. He wants me to accuse God of causing the problems he causes. Satan, go away from me.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying in my place and facing death and hell for me. Satan didn’t think you could pull it off  but you did.  None of us could have escaped him, so you did it for us, opening the gate out of our captivity to you. You paid the ransom. Then you undid what Satan did; you returned to life!  You made it possible for me to do the same when I die ~ come back to life and live forever.  You made it possible to escape hell and go to the safety of heaven.

I do not deserve what you did for me. You are so good to me. Open the door, Lord, Open the door and let me enter your realm to live forever with you, my Lord and my God.


May 22

Mighty God, I am so small and puny. You are so large and great. Yet, you love me. I am so sinful, you are so perfect. Still you love me. I am so self-serving, you are so others-serving. I continue to be undeserving. You continue to love anyway. In my self-will and thinking that I know more than you, I continue to run from your goodness. You continue to run after me, calling out, “Return to me. You’ll be safe with me..”  Such love overwhelms me. I fall at your feet and feel your warmth and smile as you lean low and kiss my cheek.

Father, I do not know how to search my heart nor to let go of my sins.  I listen to Satan and hoard them to his delight. Help me, God.

Ah, my Lord, you are so good to me, God of all creation and peoples. You notice me though I am so small, and bless me beyond my wildest imagination. Am I using your blessings for your glory? Why have I been so blessed? I have food to keep me alive and healthy, I have clothing to keep me modest and covered against cuts. I have shelter to keep me from the elements.  Then there are the spiritual blessings you have given me. You even know my name. How can I thank you enough for it all?


May 23

I praise you, God of Glory ~ strong in the power of love, mighty in strength o mercy, king of all that is good. When Satan destroys, you restore. When Satan hates, you love. When Satan accuses, you forgive.  You are the light of the world in Satan’s darkness. When he knocks down my dreams, you give me an extra measure of hope. When he sends enemies to me, you are my shield and the wall of my salvation. When he hates me, you shove him aside and embrace me.

Lord, Satan sends me so many fun things to do that make me neglect you. He wants me to forget you completely. Do not let him. Stand between him and me. Restore in me the desire to do your work on earth.

Thank you, God, for all you did to save me from Satan. It took so long and is still going on.  Two thousand years of no laws, two thousand years of Moses’ many laws, two thousand years of faith in the only one who kept those laws perfectly ~ Jesus the Messiah. You left heaven to be one of us and do for us what we were too weak to do. You conquered death and sin and Satan. Your strength overwhelms me, your love overpowers me. Thank you.


May 24

My heart burns within me at the thought of you, Mighty God, ruler of the universe, knower of all things. You protect me by taking away those who would harm me for their own selfish reasons. They hate you because you ruin their plans to protect me from them. Your ways of rightness are powerful and cannot be defeated. You are my watchtower, my sword, my shield, my wall of salvation from the Evil one.

An angry person accused me of a wrong I had done. I became upset and told them they were wrong about me. But when I returned home, I realized they were right after all. It is so hard to see myself as others do. Help me open my eyes and stop doing what they accused me of.

How I long to go home.  You have made it so easy: Just close my eyes here and open them in your throne room.  Sometimes life is hard. I am not complaining; I know you give me my assignments. But sometimes I want to rest. I thank you for my temporary times of rest here and a forever rest in your heaven. Thank you for opening your door to me. Someday I will walk through that door and enter the home you have prepared for me. Keep the door open, Lord. Keep it open for me. I’m coming home. I’m coming.


May 25

Ah, how I praise you, Lord Almighty.  Your grace flows from your throne on high to me in my finiteness.  You are my heart. You are my soul. You are my being. You created me and, like a pet who retrieves what belongs to its master, I retrieve the soul you sent to earth and run to return it to my master. You send me out to fetch souls for you and I do my best to bring it back to his Maker.   It is my delight to return to you. I see your smile. I see your open arms. I see your love.

What could I have done yesterday that I did not do? There are those people who invite me to come see them but I did not. Forgive me once again, Lord. Do not tire of forgiving me. I am trying. Help me try harder.

You are all-knowing and all-wise, Lord God. Further, you have shared your knowledge and wisdom with me in your Bible. You have placed in it all situations a person can ever face and show me what to do and not do. You enter my thoughts and words with your own thoughts and words. You hear my prayers. You are so kind and good to me. May I thank you with my words, my hands, my feet, my smiles, my joys amidst pain and suffering. With you, troubles flutter away in a mist and glory follows them.


May 26

Lord, you are my heart. It swells at the thought of you. Your love is colossal in a world of the ordinary. Your storehouses are full of your grace. You are more. You are powerful above and beyond all else. The mountains quake when they hear your voice.  The hills run and hide. The whales dive deeper. None can escape you.  Many want to escape you by pretending you do not exist. Not me.  My heart runs toward you until, at last, you open your door and let me in.

Father, I complained about something again yesterday. I know that complaining is the same thing as accusing you of withholding something from me. Help me, when I am tempted to complain, to bless instead. Help me.

It is raining outside. It has been a while since we have had rain. The new crops need your water of life. The animals awakening out of their winter’s sleep need your water of life. I listen to the gentle drops of rain and think of your smile. I, too, smile and thank you for remembering us when the time is right. Thank you for the rain. And thank you for pouring down from heaven the crystal dew drops of your love.


May 27

When I praise you, my heart is lifted up beyond myself. Though I may be low and powerless, weak and sinful, you always remain high and mighty far above the universe, the work of your hands. You never change. You remain great, regardless of what happens to me or to anyone else. You are always there for me, ready to step into any situation for my benefit. My eyes are ever fixed on you. You are my life.

Oh, my, Father. I let a word slip yesterday that I never say.  Where did that come from? I shocked myself.  I was so embarrassed. If something like that happened to me, how hard it must be for people who say obscenities all the time? I need to go to those who heard me and tell them. They say obscenities, but perhaps, when they see how embarrassed I became, they might admit their own struggles with obscenities. I am so sorry.

Thank you, Lord God, for sending your Words to be spoken and lived by flesh and blood. Not only that, but this part of you took my place so I would not end up in hell. You have made the impossible easy. To live again forever became possible because of your sacrifice. And, Lord, it is so quiet and peaceful this morning. A few birds greet the sun and add a lilt to the quiet.  Peace. Quiet. Calming to the soul. So precious.


May 28

I lift up my voice in only a whisper and you hear me.  I take small steps to help someone in need and you make them giant leaps.  I write a note to someone who is sick and you make it a love letter. No matter how puny my efforts, you make them grow and thrive beyond my greatest hopes. You are the soul searcher, the life-giver, the dream Maker.  How I adore you, my Lord.

I was attending a meeting, and the leader said it would be better for the company that we all say a certain employee was not present the week before.  I knew that was not true, but the others agreed.  I tried to object, but did not try very hard.  I went along with all the others. I was afraid of being fired. Lord, forgive me and help me figure out a way to make it right.

Lord God, you love me even when I do not love you back. You honor me even when I do not honor you back. You have given me so much materially and spiritually. I do not understand such love. And those who do not know you ~ may they realize what they are missing. I sit here in the quiet of the morning and watch the birds flit around, building their nests. The wind chimes are twinkling ever so slightly. Thank you for all this and more.


May 29

You are so amazing, My Lord. You are so big, no one can really see you. Seeing you is like trying to see a 100-story building of different colors of marble, decorated with majestic columns, splendid filigree under the roof and around all the windows, and statues on each side of a grand stairway and on the roof.  Seeing you is like standing an inch from that building and seeing only a little wood or brick and that’s all.  I have such a limited view of the building, I cannot begin to understand its grandeur. In the same way, when I try to see you as you are, my human view is so limited, I cannot begin to understand all that you are. How I long for the day when my faith in you will become sight.

I still complain sometimes when it is so unnecessary. Lord, when I catch myself complaining, help me to at least end it with acknowledging the blessings I do have and that I love you still and trust you fully.

Lord, thank you for the things I take for granted ~ dishes to eat off of, paved streets, electricity, flowers, butterflies, puppies, stars, friends, busses, food, cotton, trees, water. Also for all those prophets through the ages who wrote down your divine words and all those who translated them into the languages of the world. So much to thank you for. Are you smiling, God? Me too.  I’m smiling too.


May 30

How I praise you, my God, for your goodness and grace, might and mercy, wonder and warmth, toil and tenderness, wrath and righteousness, life and love. I cannot begin to describe your greatness.  The earth with everything in and on it declares your majesty. The heavens proclaim your splendor. Ah, my Lord, I love you so. And I worship you.

The other day, Lord, I read about some people who communicate with the dead and they were so convincing. Luckily, I was able to search your Bible and learned you forbid such things because they are distortions of what is true. Satan distorted what you said in the Garden of Eden by making the forbidden so wonderful and he is still doing it.

You are doing everything possible to save me and everyone else in the world. You never stop trying. You gave me free will and shall not force me to come to you for refuge from Satan’s masquerades and empty promises.  So, you keep trying. When I begin to wander, you bring me back. When I spend my time selfishly, you nudge me. And you gave your Bible so I can read your mind and heart. Together we shall conquer Satan. Thank you, dear Lord, for loving me so tirelessly.


May 31

God of the universe, you think of everything.  You gave us morning, day, evening, and night. All good in their own way for starting, doing, stopping, and resting.  Each day has its own mosaic Seasons of the year are a mosaic too. Life is a mosaic. So are my friends you gave me, and my enemies too.  Even you are, for I was fashioned like you. All things work together for your pleasure and mine as long as I follow you. I wonder what you have in mind for my mosaic today. What color will today be? Whether light or dark, bright or dull, I will praise you for it.

My father, sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between pride and spreading the word about something I have done that will inspire others. Keep me from pride.

Thank you for loving me and saving my soul. Thank you for preparing a place for me in your eternal world. Oh, how I long to transfer from this world to your perfect world. And thank you for the opportunities I have in this world to stand up for you and fight Satan and his wiles and false promises of happiness.  Working for you is sometimes hard, but it makes me stronger and more like you. And I know that, whatever you promise, it will come true.