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From the Preacher’s Pen… As we begin a new year it makes the perfect time to rededicate ourselves to loving and serving our God. Begin right now reading your Bible, studying your Bible and spending time in prayer. It’s the right thing to do if you love the Lord and it...

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Truth ~ Holy Words From the Preacher’s Pen… Are you one of those people who reads the instructions? A lot of folks claim to never need to read the instructions for anything. Let me ask two further questions: Would you trust someone who claimed to be a...

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Are You A Rebel? Are you a rebel? Perhaps a better question to begin with is: Do you think being a rebel is a good thing? Most of us know from history that the USA became an independent nation by rebelling against England. That has led many Americans to...

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Metaphors in the Bible Metaphors Whether we realize it or not, we are all familiar with metaphors. A metaphor is a figure of speech that refers to one thing by giving an example that helps illustrate the deeper meaning. The Bible frequently uses metaphors to...

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When We Meet in Sweet Communion There are many reasons that we meet together as Christians. We do so to offer our praise and worship to God, to encourage each other, to sing (for both of those first two purposes!), to pray for one another, to train in the word and in our...

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Colossians 4b Have you taken time to talk to your Heavenly Father today? Have you taken time to listen to His words to you? Communication is always important and failure to connect with God is a good way to ruin what could have been a good day. Take...

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Colossians 4a Several have mentioned that they are learning new things and seeing fresh lessons in their reading of God’s word. One the powerful things about the word of God is its ability to be fresh, relevant and applicable to us each time we read...

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Colossians 3b Have you read your Bible today? Have you spent time in prayer? Have you been a help or a hinderance to your Savior? It’s a choice we all have to make each and every day. What’s your choice today? Colossians 3b Paul has gone to great...

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Colossians 3a

CHILDREN AND PARENTS, JOIN IN AS WE SING TOGETHER BELOW "I WASHED MY HANDS THIS MORNING...AND LENT THEM BOTH TO JESUS" Have you read your Bible today? Have you spent time in prayer? Have you been a help or a hinderance to your Savior? It’s a choice we all have to make...

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Colossians 2b

How’s your time with God going? Have you taken time to talk with Him and let Him talk with you today? Don’t miss a single day of His blessings! CHECK OUT SING-ALONG AT THE END. Colossians 2-b Paul has been dealing with our amazing Savior, Jesus the Christ, and what He...

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