Middle Eastern Muslims

We are supporting World English Institute and working as teachers to Muslims in the Middle East.  We teach English through WEI using the Bible as a textbook.  So far we have converts in hiding in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

Because they are mostly isolated and do not know how Christians worship, we send them a worship guide over a secure message system like what banks use. As long as the leader knows English, it can be done in any language. It includes Bible reading, a Bible lesson, explanation of a different scripture basis for the Lord’s supper, encouragement to give a little of their money. Songs are a scripture which we encourage them to sing like a chant. Of course, they must whisper their songs.

We tell them where to download the Bible but encourage them to do it on a flash drive and to bury it in their yard in case their homes are searched.

Every day they fear for their lives. Periodically they are threatened and go on the run, hiding in the mountains, fleeing to a nearby country until they think it may be safe to return, but usually to a different home.

They are beaten,  threatened with court, disinherited, blackmailed, have been fired from their jobs, their homes searched. When suspected of being a Christian, they are threatened with imprisonment, torture, death. They have fled, leaving homes a month at a time, taken their children out of school, and escaped to other provinces.  They change where they spend the night every night while in hiding. If they do not cooperate with the Taliban, Isis, or other militant Muslims who discover them, they kidnap the children and turn them into slaves or kill them (they do both).

We cannot publicly identify them in order to protect them. Many have never knowingly met another Christian.  We actively pray for them. Please join us to pray for them.

We have given them Christian names to help protect their identities.

  • Aaron in Palestine
  • Rebecca in Palestine
  • John Mark in Afghanistan
  • Sarah in Afghanistan
  • Ananias in Afghanistan
  • Prisca in Afghanistan
  • Andrew in Afghanistan
  • Mary in Afghanistan
  • Anna in Iraq
  • John in Iraq
  • Stephen in Iraq
  • Philip in Iran
  • Matthew in Yemen
  • Priscilla in Uzbekistan
  • Sylas in Jordan
  • Elijah in Afghanistan
  • Anna in Afghanistan
  • Adam in Somalia
  • Alexander in Iraq’Sarah in Tajikistan
  • Salome in Afghanistan
  • Solomon in Afghanistan

For Muslims who do not live in the Middle East where it is a capital offense to own a Bible, we offer free New Testaments written in Arabic.

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