S * E * P * T * E * M * B * E * R

September 1

Your throne, oh God, rises above and far beyond everything I know or can comprehend.  Glory greater than the brightest star radiates from you.  The dome of the universe is your mantel of holiness. Rays more dazzling than the sun shoot out, penetrating the darkness surrounding my soul and bringing me into everlasting day. A path of mercy you make for me lighted up with love. I tread that path day by day knowing it leads to you. With all my filthiness, you allow me near. How  I worship you.

Father, I ran into a newly widowed friend and did not know what to say. I showed no sympathy toward her. Nervous, I told a joke and laughed a silly laugh. I could not wait to leave her presence. Father, I am so sorry. Help me learn how to be sympathetic. I don’t know how.

Thank you, God, for a good summer. We had somewhat of a drought, but my plants were strong and most survived. How I love walking through my garden and pulling up a radish to nibble on, a strawberry to devour, a handful of peas to feast on. I did nothing to make them grow except keep the weeds away. You are the one who took my tiny seeds and turned them into delicious food for my table. That’s when I feel a little like a creator with you. Thank you, my Lord, for all this.


September 2

Ah, Jehovah God, you are the Maker of the universe, yet you love me and even know my name. You have ~ in a sense ~ moved heaven and earth to lure us all to safety from Satan.  Even when we don’t care or refuse to believe we are in danger, you pursue us. On the one hand, we believe you will automatically keep us from all danger even if we find worship boring.  On the other hand, we say never were and never will be in danger. How foolish we can be. You are so patient and still want us to come home and be your children. Lord, keep my eyes open. Help me see beyond the mist of this present world to yours.

Father, I have been neglecting my family. You gave me a talent that I love, but I have been putting use of my talent above doing things with or for my family. Forgive me, help them to forgive me, and help me budget my time better.

You did everything necessary to snatch me out of the clutches of Satan, and are still working to keep him away from me. You do the same for everyone who will listen you.  Once you rescued me, you stayed close to keep me safe and protect me from Satan who is always trying to get me back. This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? You and I working together to “seek and save the lost” still in Satan’s trap? Thank you for allowing weak me to work alongside you to enlarge the borders of heaven.


September 3

How can it be, oh Lord, that you love me, a mere worm crawling through the dust of sin? Won’t what your eyes behold take away your holiness? Won’t what you hear take away your purity?  My Lord, how can it be? Before your eyes behold my sin, you take it away. Before your ears hear my sin, you take it away. You never change. Sin cannot touch you. Sin does not exist where you are.  Your throne glistens white with sinlessness. You are crowned with virtue and you hold the scepter of goodness.

Lord, can you forgive me? I do almost always go to church and worship you. But family came in from out of town that I have not seen in two years.  I may never see them again. I just had to stay home with them. Besides, no one at church missed me, and if someone tells me they did, they will understand. Do you understand Lord, that my family is more important than you? Well, not exactly more important, but, well….  I know you said if we do not hate our family compared with how much we love you, we cannot…  Well, I guess I should have invited them to come with me. Worship is just an hour.  And I heard the singing and prayers were inspiring. And, well, I know I’ll be worshipping you full time in heaven, but well…

Thank you that I can freely breathe. There are some people whose lungs are bad and they struggle for their every breath. And thank you that I have two strong legs to stand on. There are some people wheel-chair bound and have to look up at everyone. And thank you that I can hear and speak. There are some people out there who can do neither. Lord, may I take a deep breath, walk to someone’s door and knock on it, and use the voice you gave me to tell them how much you love them. My every breath, my every step, my every word are gifts from you. May I ever use those gifts to glorify you and bring more souls to the safety of your heaven.


September 4

You bore a terrible cross for me, my Lord. It is I who should have taken my place on that cross instead of you. You were holy, pure, sinless. I deserved the cross, not you. But it is not too late, Lord. Send me my cross.  Make me not just brave; make me bold. Send my cross that I may suffer for you as you suffered for me on that day long ago. Send me my cross.  Do not withhold it from me. And, if I die clinging to my cross, at least I will know that my death was not without meaning and perhaps in some way my death will bring souls to you.  Just like you brought souls to yourself on your cross.

Father, people are so afraid to take in strangers like we used to do a few decades ago. I took an entire family in (and their dog) because they were traveling across the country and their car stopped running permanently. It was nothing that any other Christian would have done. But that was then. I saw a homeless woman and child on a street corner. At least I think she was homeless.  She was sitting on the curb crying. But did I stop and talk to her and offer her food and shelter? No, I was like everyone else passing her by. What if she had a gun with her? What if she had a knife? What if? I valued my life above hers. Lord, that is not how I am supposed to act.  Forgive me. I must go back there today and see if she is still there. I am so ashamed.

Lord, thank you for music. Thank you that I can lift up my voice to you in rapturous joy or lamenting sadness. Thank you for making music possible. Centuries ago, Plato claimed the stars sang. I wonder if he got hold of a copy of Job in the Bible where it says the stars sang together.  Today, people talk about the angels singing when Jesus was born, but they shouted it, they didn’t sing. I guess people are influenced by Christmas carols that say they sang. Why is singing reserved for humans? Is it because we have been saved by the blood of the Lamb? I can only guess. But what I do know is how grateful I am that you have given music to humans. Thank you that I can praise and worship you in song


September 5

You, my Maker, my Father, my God, are the object of my praise. You are the Lover of my soul. Enthroned above the heavens, your holiness mingled with mercy flows from your heart to mine.  Over all these thousands of years mankind has been on earth, you never have stopped pursuing us. Nothing discourages you. Nothing stops you. Satan tries, but it does him no good. The strength of your love is overpowering to him and overwhelming to me. I adore you, fall at your feet unworthy, and worship you.

Father, a little child in front of my house was swearing. I became so angry I ran out to the child ~ someone else’s child ~ and shook it to make it stop. Where did that child learn such talk? Was it at home? What kind of language is used there? Here was my chance to show your love to that little child. Instead I became angry and abused the child physically just because I was bigger. Oh, Lord.  I know where the child lives. Make me go over there and take some cookies or some indication of peace and love, and help me not do it again.

Thank you, Lord, for helping me finish my project. I will donate it to a children’s organization, then start all over again. And thank you for giving me that talent. I enjoy it so, sometimes I forget it came from you. Thank you, too, for your project. You are in heaven right now preparing a special place for me. Heaven is now my home. I can hardly wait to get there and dwell with you forever. And so I travel on, year after year.  Am I close to home yet, Lord? How close?


September 6

If I knew a thousand languages, I would use them all to praise you. I would travel the earth from obscure village to obscure village where only their own language is known and proclaim your majestic goodness as long as they would allow.  And when I had traversed the world, I would begin again.  Only this time, I would teach them about you who loves them beyond their understanding. And I would teach them how you ransomed them from Satan’s clutches. And I would teach them about heaven and how you left the gate open for them. Well, it is not so. I can only speak one language. So, with what I have, I will travel the earth and proclaim your majestic goodness anyway. Somehow, I will.  You alone deserve the praise of earth.

Father, someone told a story the other day and I corrected them. My correction did not matter. Who cared whether we traveled ten miles or twelve miles? It developed into a needless argument and I was the cause. Lord, forgive me and help the person I offended forgive me too.

Lord, thank you for taste and smell.  If it were not for the taste and smell of food, I don’t guess anyone would eat and refuel their bodies.  When you created us, you knew what it would take to lure us to the table and take time to feed our bodies. Yes, I know there are bad smells and taste too. But thank you for those also. They warn us to stay away from them.  And thank you for gardens and farms that grow the food that keeps us alive. Ah, the smell of the soil newly plowed up. And the smell of flowers, and spices and even newly mowed grass. Thank you for all of it.


September 7

You, my Lord and King, alone are worthy of ultimate praise. You are my Maker my Lover, my Judge, my Savior. You watch over me, hear my every word and thought, and know me by name. You think of me all the time. How amazing you are. You keep billions of us straight and give all of us your individual attention. We’re never lost in the crowd. You are omnipresent and omniscient. You are everywhere at once and are all-knowing and all-wise. You are my God and I worship you.

Father, there were some dirty, loud-talking people who came into the restaurant yesterday. I resented them. Not only that, but I made it obvious to them that I did. I told my family, “Let’s get out of here before their filth rubs off on us.”  I actually said that! It is going to haunt me for a very long time. Perhaps I can go back to that restaurant today and ask the owner if he knows where to find them so I can apologize. I am so sorry. Forgive me, Lord, and help them forgive me too.

Color. Oh my, color. It can be exciting and calming. It can be warm or cool. It can be loud or soft. Reds and blues. Yellows and greens. Oranges and whites. How delightful you made the world when you created color. I wonder what the Garden of Eden was like. I’ll bet it was full of flowers of every color imaginable. Did Eve wear any in her hair? Did Adam collect them for a bouquet to give his beloved?  I love color. Thank you, Lord, for thinking of it.

September 8

My God, I adore you. I magnify your name. You are so good and perfect. Whereas Satan insists on justice, you insist on mercy. Whereas Satan accuses people, you forgive us. Whereas Satan always lies, you always tell the truth. Whereas Satan hates, you love. Whereas Satan destroys, you create. Whereas Satan kills, you bring to life. There is nothing Satan can do that you cannot do.  You are all power. I stand amazed.

Father, I abused my authority yesterday. I was head of a committee and someone made a suggestion I wish I had made. So, I announced no one wanted to do that and went on to talk about something else. It was so selfish and self-centered of me. I think that person has dropped out of my committee.  Make me strong enough to invite her back.

Lord, thank you for always pursuing me when I run from you. You follow people around calling out, “Come be my friend, my child. Live in my home so you will be protected against Satan.” People keep turning you down because they have convinced themselves you are boring and have too many rules. That does not stop you. You keep on calling out anyway. I was that way at one time and finally stopped and listened to you. Your rules are moral and ethical and what any person of conscience would want to do. Thank you for pursuing me and continuing to pursue others in the world.

September 9

I adore you and look up to you, Lord God, in awe and wonder. Such power to create and preserve. Such wisdom to guide and guard.  Such patience to pursue even people who run from you cursing, or have no time for you. Nothing stops you! No other being in existence is as strong and majestic as you. You are so perfect and I am so imperfect. You are so pure and I am so impure. You are so forgiving and I am so unforgiving.  I fall at your feet and worship you.

I went to see someone at the hospital yesterday. I thought I would stay awhile, but when I arrived, I couldn’t think of what to say. So, I talked about mutual friends and all the exciting things they were doing. I was so insensitive. Here he was in the hospital and being left behind by his friends.  Help me understand how to act and what to say to people in the midst of their suffering.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all you gave up to save me from Satan. You entered a human body so you could overcome sin and then overcome death. You have always been so good to me. And thank you for those you have sent to me who really do want to learn more about you, especially how much you love them. There are so many lonely people out in the world ~ both distant and close. You are always near. You never leave us alone. I worship you.



September 10

Each day, Oh Lord, I am one step closer to you. One step, one hour, one heartbeat closer to my eternal home with you. Closer to the gate that swings wide for me. Closer to the golden street of purity and the crystal sea of divinity.  Closer to that home you are preparing for me and to your great white throne. Closer to the Tree of Eternal Life, the River of Life. One step closer to seeing you face to face, to singing my praises to you, to worshipping at your feet. At last I will lay down the cross I have been bearing, and enter sweet rest with my Maker, my Protector, my God.

Father, I tried to circumvent someone in authority at a bank. I wanted to borrow some money for a car but was told I did not qualify. I demanded to see the bank manager in hopes I could change the bank’s policy. How foolish I was. They were only trying to protect me as well as themselves.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all you gave up to save me from Satan. You entered a human body so you could overcome sin and then overcome death. You performed miracles so no one would doubt who you were.  You fulfilled prophecies about you made centuries earlier so no one would doubt who you were. Most people hated you. You were too good for them and they knew it.  They taunted you, mocked you, spit on you, slapped you, pulled out hairs from your beard, beat you, scourged you, and tortured you to death. You went through it willingly in order to free me from Satan’s clutches. People today are still lashing out at you. They are still trying to kill you.  They do not realize you have already conquered the world. They do not realize you reign supreme now and then. How can I thank you for your example?


September 11

I praise and laud you, my God, for you perform great things for me, greater than I realize. You are always doing something to help me that I do not know about. I trust in you and that you will bring about your will in my life in your way and not mine. You are concerned about me in ways beyond my comprehension. You say the war is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers in spiritual places ~ Satan’s angels, Satan’s demons, Satan himself. What have you defended me against? What have you sent your angels to intercede for me over? I may never know, but this I do know: You will always protect me from forces too strong for me and will never make me face anything I cannot handle. My mind staggers to comprehend it all, and so I worship you.

Father, sometimes I grow bitter because something I know is good needs to be done but I cannot do it alone and cannot find help. Father, help me move on to something else. I do not know the heart of others and should not pretend I do. Help me soften, smile, relax, and go in another direction.

Thank you, Jesus, that you gave me eyes that can see.  I have a friend who has never been able to see.  I cannot describe color to that person because they have no idea what I am talking about. I long to share the delight of color, but it is not possible. That is what you go through in trying to describe our life in your world, heaven, isn’t it? I shall try but realize you have wonderful surprises awaiting me when I arrive.  Thank you for teasing and  tantalizing me with promises of delights I cannot begin to imagine.


September 12

I lift up my praises to you, God of my heart, my spirit, my soul. Even when I rebel against what you want me to do or not do, you cry out, “I am trying to help you!” Even when I run away from you, you run after me and plead once more, “Come back to me.”  Even when I offend you, you call out, “I love you anyway!”  Your patience dumbfounds me. How many thousands of years have passed since you created us and still keep running after us to return to you? I am lost in wonder at the thought of you and bow my head, unworthy of such love.

Father, I am spending too much time at home. I need to be out making new friends and looking for wandering souls who are lost and do not know it. You gave me a talent that I enjoy, but I am spending too much time on it. Forgive me and help me do better.

For your Word, Lord, I give my deepest thanks.  It is so fascinating. There is so much in it. You poured out your mind and heart to me. How lucky I am. You didn’t have to. You could have remained aloof. Instead, you wrote that long letter to me called the Bible, and now you keep watch over me.  You suffer when I suffer, you laugh when I laugh. I do not comprehend such love. It is so far beyond my mental capacity.  But this I can do: I can live a life of gratitude ~ a forever life.


September 13

I adore you, Almighty God. I fall at your feet unworthy of your love and attention because of my sins. I alienate you with them, for you cannot dwell where sin is. Therefore, because you love me so, you forgive me. Ah, if only I could be like you. I try and mess things up sometimes. But you smile, lift me up with your nail-pierced hands, and say, “Let’s try it again another way.”  Then, once more we walk together, me with my feet of clay and you with the feet once pierced through which cruel spikes. What a God I have who loves to love. Whose love cannot be controlled.

Father, I have been gossiping lately. I said things about some people I should not have. It just lowered me. It helped no one. I am ashamed. Forgive me and cleanse my thoughts.

Lord, it is Sunday morning and still dark out. Long ago about now, you are about to re-enter that body and come back to life. Hear the stirring? The rumbling of the earthquake? The anticipation? Look! The stone hiding your death house has just flown off its track and out to the center of the garden. And now?  Now…  I see you! I see you standing at the entranceway! And it is dawn.

September 14

I adore you, Jehovah God. You are so good. You have stood by mankind through the long haul. You did not make us and then forget us. You have, for so long, been patient. So long. Never giving up. How can you love us despite how rebellious we can be against you?  You are like a lighthouse shining your light in the dark storms of my life, trying to help me find my way to safety. Holy Father, Light of the World, I fall at your feet unworthy of such love. In tears of both shame and gladness I worship you.

Father, I was so foolish. I actually bragged about doing something that any decent person would do. They kept their mouth closed as I talked, but they did not smile when I smiled. How could I have been such a fool? Forgive me and make me forget my ego.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for making it possible for my sins to be erased. Thank you for forgiving so many secret sins ~ sins in my heart that no one else knows about. My sins of attitude are so many. I am weak in my sinfulness but you are strong in your forgiveness. I can never thank you enough for staying with me as I struggle through life.  You are my rock foundation and my fortress of faith.

September 15

You, Almighty God, are all-powerful. You hold the world in your hands.  You lead mankind forward and people follow you kicking and screaming because Satan convinces so many that you hate us and do not want us to have fun. You do not let Satan’s accusations discourage you and stop you. You are more powerful than him. You never forsake us. For thousands of years you have worked out your master Plan to permanently disarm Satan. Even now you limit what he can do to us. You send your angels to stand between Satan and us in battles in other realms, other worlds, we are not even aware of.  You are the Lord of all the lords Satan controls. You are King over all the kings Satan manipulates. Your majesty resonates around your throne, encircles the world, and comes to rest in my soul.

Father, sometimes I am persecuted by people who don’t want to be around someone who is trying to be a Christian. I think I could handle them beating me physically more than beating me down emotionally. They are often successful and I back down like a coward. Strengthen me, God. For your sake, strengthen me.

Lord, it is hard to thank you for things today. Yes, I have a decent place to live, nice things, my health, the weather is still warm. But what is it all for if I cannot help save the lost and help them stay saved? Sometimes I can hardly stand it thinking about friends and even strangers who are bored with you or resent you or even hate you and do not realize what Satan has in mind for them. How can I see them self-destruct like that?  Today I am struggling. I need to thank you for…what shall I thank you for? The sun is shining, the corn is harvested, a bird is singing to me outside my window. Over there is a butterfly and in that direction is a squirrel scavenging for things to store over the coming winter.  Songs. I thank you for songs. I shall now sing you a song and will feel better. Yes, thank you for songs. And that butterfly.

September 16

I adore you Lord God. You are the meaning of my life and the source of my love. You saved me from hell! I was headed straight for it along with all of mankind. We could not pay the ransom. Satan wanted the death of God. So, you gave him what he wanted. As soon as he set us free, you tricked him and came back to life. It took you only three days to do it. You are strong with the power of the ages. In your right hand is Truth, in your left is Life. You ride on the wind, you leap between stars. You do whatever is necessary to protect us. For me, God? For me?

Father, I have been complaining a lot lately. Complaining about food I got at the grocery store that I didn’t realize was spoiled until I got home. Complaining about the weather. Complaining about the way a relative spoke to me. Complaining about the traffic and gasoline prices. Lord, it was actually you I was complaining about. This is where you want me to be. Complaining is akin to accusing. Satan is THE accuser. Lord, make Satan get away from me so I’ll stop complaining. And can you forgive me?

Ah, Lord God, you have been my comfort through so many things and over so many years. Must I praise you for all the horrible things I’ve lived through? You say I must and so I do. I am reminded that you have given everyone their assignments, and these have been mine. At each stage of my life have been different assignments. I agonized under some of them. I cried and screams, and yet you would not release me.  I thank you for them all, Lord.  Truly, I do.  They made me stronger, didn’t they? I made Satan a little weaker, didn’t I? But mostly I thank you for you.

September 17

Jehovah, you are my life, the light that shines from afar and which grows stronger the closer it comes to me.  You continue to shine on me day after day, year after year. You are the only light. Without you, there is only darkness and loss, even, of hope.  Without you there is no reality and all is without form and void.  Oh, what a terrible thing it would be to exist in such a void, made possible only by Satan. But with you is brightness of life with the brilliance of your glory shining down on me, the illumination of your mercy, the vividness of your love.

I acted so conceited yesterday.  I acted like I was the only one who could do that job in my club. Deep down I knew others were qualified, but I wanted that position. I degraded others in order to make myself look good. I am so sorry.  Please forgive me and help them forgive me.

Ah, my God, you did so much to save me. It took you centuries to accomplish everything. You sent a part of yourself, your Word, your Son to finalize everything. Your Word gave up heaven to become my substitute. In the world’s state of rebellion, that part of you gave in to Satan and died so my ransom could be paid. You loved me first. How can I thank you? I do not know how. I will spend my life trying.

September 18

You are so astounding, Lord God. For centuries and millenniums, you have run after the lost to bring them back to you. Satan keeps interfering every way possible. He convinces people that you hate them or don’t exist, even though you are true love and true life.  All you have ever wanted to do is save us.  When I look at a calm lake, I see a reflection of you in it. When I feel soft rain drops on my cheek, I feel your touch. When I look at a rainbow, I see the delight you had in creating all things.  You are more compelling and overpowering than Satan. As he huddles trembling in his darkness, you rise with the brilliance of your majesty and call all men to you.

Father, another car behind me on the road was racing toward me and I did not move mine out of the way. He honked his horn, but I didn’t think he should be speeding, so continued on. He was wrong and I was right. Finally, I did move over to another lane, and when I looked in his window, I saw blood on his face. How calloused I was to judge him without knowing the facts. Help me turn the other cheek when I think I am being bullied, and remind me that I do not know the minds, hearts or circumstances of other people. Inside, their hearts may be bleeding.

Lord Jehovah, how can you be so strong?  I try to seek and save the lost like you did while on earth, but it sometimes backfires on me. When I think I am showing love, they think I am showing hatred. When they do, I stop trying. But you! You never stop trying. No amount of false accusations ever stopped you. You are mighty in word and deed, in patience and mercy. When your enemies try to stop you, you plow right through them and keep right on going, stronger than ever. Thank you for your example. Keep my eyes on you, Lord.

September 19

I lift up my heart to you, my God. I ache so much for the lost. But my puny efforts are nothing compared to you. You did so much more than I ever dreamed of doing and for longer than a thousand lifetimes. You paid the death ransom, then overcame Death itself.  You put up with our sins while you did everything necessary to destroy our greatest enemy ~ Satan. Satan must be destroyed and you have given mankind the privilege of working with you to that end. So, amidst my paltry efforts I praise you, my majestic King. You are so incredible. Beyond finding out.

Father, sometimes when I talk to people about your love for them and ask them to return to you, I think I come across as controlling. That is not what I want to do. Help me know when to back off and let them think. Help me be patient and calm and respect the free will that you gave them.

My Lord, thank you for not getting so angry you would give up on me.  You are a high and great mountain that cannot be moved. You are the deepest ocean that cannot be emptied.  As the river of life, you offer to give me your blood so it will stream through the veins of my spirit and give me life without impurities of sin. What more could anyone ask than that? You offered to me your blood and your Spirit. The sacrifice was too great, but you made it anyway.


September 20

Ah, my Lord, I know you long to be gracious to mankind and that you wait patiently on high for the world to acknowledge you. What do you do while you’re waiting? You turn your attention back to your children. Oh, how I love you. Oh, how I wish I could help you convince the rest of the world that you are not their enemy. Does your throne radiate just a little more when you see another child returning to you? Do the angels around you flutter their wings just a little more? Do the stars sing a sweeter song? Does your smile reflect the soft light of the moon?  I bow down before your throne and worship you.

Father, I caused friction to increase between two friends who were arguing. I jumped in and tried to calm them both. All they did was turn against me for interfering. I made things worse between them. Help me stay out of other people’s arguments and let them work things out for themselves.

One of these days, Lord, I am going to close my eyes and soar on eagle wings to you. My heart will be swelled with anticipation as I draw nearer to you.  Your love, a ray of light, will form a highway to the heavens to draw my soul ever closer and closer to you.  I will soar upward. You will send my angel to guide me near the last of my journey until at last I reach the gate of heaven. Oh, glorious day, day of rapture and euphoria, when I see you at last as you open up your arms to me. Thank you for that hope. Someday it will happen. Someday.

September 21

I adore you, Jehovah God, my sovereign, my heart, my soul. You are my life, my obsession. Without you I am nothing. I am sinful, yet you love me still.  Your majestic strength is in the power of your love, justice, and forgiveness.  But you have your codes. You do not just automatically forgive everyone and pretend they never sinned.  We must be willing to acknowledge our sin, be sorry for them, and try hard to not do it again. You have your codes. They are reassuring to me. By them, I can know where I stand with you. No wandering and wondering and guessing.  With you, I can know. Praise be yours forever.

I spent yesterday with people who love to complain. It is their way of life. I got caught in it.  I have hard enough time not complaining on my own. So, it was easy for me to join in with them. Lord, I must stay away from them before they drag me down. Please forgive me for not being stronger.

Thank you, God, for your Bible so I don’t have to guess what you will is for me. I don’t have to guess how you react to my thoughts, attitudes, and actions.  I don’ have to despair when discouraged because you keep running after me saying, “Come back! Come back! Come back to me! I love you! I will help you! Don’t run away from home again! Come back!”  Such tender affection and stubborn love is more than I can comprehend.


September 22

Ah, ,y Creator, I am so unworthy of your attention. You created the universe and yet you love me. You are the source of unseeable universal and material power, yet you love me. You are greater than the cosmos, yet you live in my heart. You are so wonderful. I worship you.

Sometimes I get so scared. I am trying to find people who would like to learn more about you, but cannot find them. What am I doing wrong? Open my eyes. Who are they? You know.  Lead them to me.

How can I thank you enough for your Bible, oh great God. You honored us by sharing your heart and mind with us.  You poured everything out to us. Nothing was hidden of that which we could understand. How blest I am that you are my God. Never in hiding. Always open. I can know where I stand with you ~ what to keep doing and what to change.  Oh, to be as open with you as you are with me. I am afraid of exposing myself; actually I am afraid of admitting just what I am. Give me spiritual strength enough to be as open with you as you were with me. Thank you for your example. I love you for it.

September 23

Ah, my Lord and God, you are so noble and powerful, glorious and praiseworthy. You touch the stars and touch my heart. You are my life both now and eternally.  It boggles my mind that most people do not want to know anything about you or spend any time worshipping you, though they expect you to take them into your heavenly home when they die where they must worship you forever. How can that be?  They would not be happy in heaven. Yet, you love everyone still and keep pursuing them.  Your love amazes me. I love you in return the best I can.

God, forgive me when I break your heart by not showing love to people you love. You love everyone.

How can I thank you enough, Lord, for sharing your mind and thoughts with me? You did not remain aloof. Your thoughts and Plans are so grand, past our complete understanding. But I understand enough to know you never change or waiver no matter what I do, and you love me fiercely. Thank you for your Bible, your mind and heart.

September 24

How I adore you, God of Glory. You are so majestic, yet you love me. I am just one of billions, yet you know my name and hear my every thought. How astonishing.  It is as though I knew every grain of sand in and around the ocean. You told Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the sands of the sea or stars of the heaven. It would take trillions of years to cross the universe. One of the Psalms says you know every star by name. It cannot be done. But you do it without a second thought just like you do it for all humans who have ever lived. You are too wonderful to fathom. My cup overflows.

Father, I must keep circulating and searching for seekers. But sometimes I feel so tired. It’s so hard and no one encourages me to do this. Forgive me. I have lived a long time. When will my race be over?

I keep thanking you for your Bible. I can’t help it. I don’t have to guess what you are thinking or doing. You have actually shared everything with me. You didn’t have to.  You are God!  I’m just a small speck of your creation. But you made humans like me the apex of your creation, your crowning glory. In deep gratitude, I crown you my King of Glory.


September 25

Ah, Lord God, there are a lot of people who praise angels. They paint beautiful pictures of angels watching over us, make beautiful statues of glorious looking angels, and sing songs about angels. “Ah, angels are walking among us!” they proudly announce. What?  What about you? You are walking with us every day. You have since our birth. What about you? You are the Creator, the Maker of the angels. What about you? You materialized and died in our place for our sins. No angel ever did that. May I never glorify angels. May I forever glorify you, and, though I cannot imagine what you look like, I will have a picture of you in my heart.

Help me, Lord, not burn out. Forgive me when I give up on finding souls to bring to you.

Thank you for the beautiful warm day. Summer is over and I am harvesting my garden now. Days are cool, nights even cooler. I should go outside and take a nap in the warm sun today. Thank you for your beautiful scenery painted by you.  The sun is out, I can hear the autumn crickets and a few birds. The flowers are full, the farmers are reaping, the markets are filling up. What a glorious earth you prepared for us before we were “born”. Thank you.


September 26

I revere you, my God. You created such a beautiful garden to be the cradle for mankind when you first made us.  I am not an animal with limited communication abilities and no knowledge of you. I was made above all things. Even then, I am not your slave. You did not create me to have people to worship you. You created me to have children to love and care for. You dote on me, guide me, and never stop thinking of me.

Father, I know I need to get out more to find seekers. I second guess people and decide I would be wasting my time going to see them.  Help me leave that up to you and just keep trying.

Ah, my God, how can I thank you for sending a part of yourself to enter a human body, be our perfect example, then allow yourself to be tortured and killed in my place.  You laid down on the altar of the world and sacrificed yourself for those who you made and who rejected you. I cannot grasp it all but I do enough to know what you did saved me from Satan.  I bow before you in sacred gratitude.


September 27

Oh, Lord, you are my light.  No one can turn on the darkness, for it is void and murky. There is darkness in this world and people try to use more darkness to drive it out, but only your light can do that. Lord, you are my love. Satan, the destroyer, hates and wants to get others to hate so he can destroy everything.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can. People say it is too hard to love and this is true. Satan convinces people to take the easy way out. It takes courage to light a light, expose the darkness, then love it away. You are my courage. It takes sacrifice to convince hatred to go away. You were my sacrifice. You still are. Every day you shine your light on me. Every day you walk beside me as a bodyguard for my body and soul looking this way and that. You are so hard to grasp sometimes, but there is such joy in the effort. Make me more like you.

Father, I am spending too much time alone during the day doing things I like to do. I don’t want other people’s problems interrupting me. How wrong I am.  I have been doing better the last few days, but I still cannot wait to get home and resume what I enjoy doing more. Father, help me put others first as you do. Forgive me when I do not.

A new day you have given me, Lord. A day of starting over. A day of second chances. Darkness is gone and dawn is here. Now I think of your sacred family on the other side of the world. Their day is over and they are now sleeping as I am awakening. And so it goes. Your family never sleeps. Some part is always awake guarding over the rest of us and over their part of the world. The world is never without the guardian prayers of your family. Thank you for day and night ~ times to work, times to rest.

September 28

Ah, God of Creation, you made all this for us ~ for our delight, our provisions, our protection. All this while we live lives that prove love is superior to hate, good is superior to evil. Love is all might and all mighty, all power and all-powerful. You put so much faith in us to help you win over Satan. Working together with you, we can do this! How incredible that you chose frail humans to help you in the race. What a grand and exciting Plan! You never change and never will.  Satan cannot change you any more than darkness can become light. You, mighty God, are my fortress, my shield of faith, my sword of Truth. The demons and their leader fear you. The universe praises you.

Father, I need to look for other ways of sharing your Plan to overcome Satan and sin in people’s lives. I keep telling myself to get out and visit people, but I am not doing it. Forgive me please, and help me discover a different path to them.

Thank you for all these ways of communicating that did not exist when I was a child.  To project my voice and image to someone on the other side of the city and even the other side of the world is astounding. I could have never imagined such a possibility. When some people spoke of it, it was like a fairy tale or science fiction. But today it is a reality. Thank you for these new inventions. I think I am going to try seeking and saving in these modern ways.

September 29

Sometimes in your Bible we humans are likened unto a deer leaping through the trees toward water. That is me I think.  I thirst for your water of life.  Then I head for an orchard and feast on the fruit of the Spirit.  But I am not very good at detecting danger nipping at my ankles and lunging for my throat. I am so vulnerable when it comes to persecution. So, I leap across open meadows and up into the hills where there is not as much danger.  There I stand on high, closer to you.  There you shelter me beneath the cleft of the rock sometimes, and beneath the strong expanse of your wing sometimes. Sometimes clouds overhead become dark and threatening, but you chase them away with the thunder of your voice and turn them into showers of blessings. Oh, my Lord. How you protect me.

Lord, I feel empty today.  I have no sense of direction. I feel directionless. All I can do is sit and stare. I am so sorry, Lord, I should not be just sitting here.  Forgive me and send something to me. Perhaps a phone call? A knock on my door? A song in my mind?

Thank you, God of all that exists, for letting me talk to you any time I want.  Unlimited access! Anytime, anywhere, and free. You are always available, no matter how busy you are helping others. You love me and think about me all the time, even when I do not deserve it and turn against you. How unfathomable your love is. I love you too, God. I love you too.


September 30

Jesus was the rock in the wilderness for forty long years that poured forth water for the millions of wandering slaves to keep them alive. Centuries later you became another rock on Calvary that poured forth your blood for the countless wandering slaves of Satan to bring our souls back alive. Now you are the foundation on which I have built my life and the highway I tread on my way to heaven. You are whatever I need. You do whatever is necessary to bring me back to you like a parent putting a light in a window so the children can find their way home. I worship you.

Father, I have done a terrible thing and it is now too late to change it.  I have had a casual business relationship with a man for two or three years now. I saw him at church a couple times at first. I have never invited him to return or brought up anything about his eternity. Now he is dying. It could be any day now. He is not reasoning through things very well right now. I am so, so sorry and ashamed. Can you ever forgive me?

Glorious God of the ages, I thank you for nature that proves your existence.  Everything moves and changes in cycles. The cycles never change whether they be crops or generations of families or the planets or the stars.  Everything has a cycle and they all prove a higher power than them is in control of them. The sheer magnitude of their largeness or minuteness is beyond science to comprehend. Thank you for these proofs. And such beautiful proofs they are.