Testimonies of 100 Muslims Who Decided Jesus Really Was

the Son of God and Not Just a Prophet


Spelling left as written. Countries they live in taken out for their safety.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 40s: I like to read the Bible. Please send me one secretly. The prophecies of Jesus in Isaiah are very meaningful to me. I want to make a decision to be Christian but now it is very dangerous for me. I and wife have been baptized in secret. Tell me how to pray to the Christian God.


Professional in Europe in 20s: Can you send me Bible? I’m Muslim but I and my friends decided to turn in to Christianity. I wonder about God’s work and started to read Bible.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 20s: I am very impressed with this story and very sad for Jesus. I wish I can return in time and be beside him. I learned to love Jesus. Jesus is the truth and no one can deny this. Lifting him from death was truth and not imagination. Jesus is truth and peace from the beginning until the end of the world. Jesus lifted from death to be on the right side of God.


Professional in Middle East in 30s: I don’t have any experience with BIBLE with a Muslim background

….I know that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament and have a perfect life but honestly I did not know that there are such details related between Jesus and the plan of God…. I am so glad I did it with the right way because I do not want to reject God’s purpose. I am proud that I changed my whole belief about Christ and became Christian even though that was against everybody I know and I became threatened to die for my belief but I know even if I die that will be the door for my eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.


Professional in Middle East in 60s: Jesus Christ the Son of God is the Lord and Savior. God revealed himself to people through his Son. Jesus had the power and heart of God, and had the power on earth to forgive sins.


Professional in Middle East in 50s:I believe and I agree that the earth and sky was begun by God, and it can be ended by God. I believe in the Muslim Surahs… I learned that Jews do not believe in every thing the Old Testament says…. Jesus is prophet and savior, even I as a Muslim is ordered by Allah to believe in Jesus Miracles by the power of God…. I learnt that God makes repentance for all people and that because Jesus sacrificed for sake of all people… I hope you understand my position I started to feel that I am very close to what you have taught me, no body forces me to be satisfied with any thing but that I am satisfied. I am ready to meet any Christian you send to me.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 20s: This is the first time I saw the Quran in the English language. I was Shocked! I want to know more about Jesus Christ.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 30s: Many times recently I felt very devastated because of my situation. But when I look to the daily scripture, I see myself there and it refreshes my faith. At the beginning I asked my self why everything collapsed in my life when I became Christian. But from the Bible I knew the answer. The reason is not because I am weak, but because I am a new fighter for God. And I became so strong in Satan’s eyes and he became so terrified that he tried to do his best to discourage me. So I smiled and told him do his best …. ultimately I will win because I have God with me.


Semi-Professional in Europe in 30s: I lived with the Muslim religion all my life, but as I got older, I was not convinced it was right. Several years ago I got a Bible and read many Bible scriptures without the help of anyone. I was very touched by the history of Jesus, his life and his death. When I read the details of the crucifixion, I wept. In 2001, I met some Christians who explained things in the scriptures on salvation, and all that I had read before was more clear. I was baptized and now live in _______. I am faithful in the Church of Christ.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 40s: The next king will be descendant of David and will be called “the Son of God.”….2010 years people still remembering His name worshiping Him….There was a change in Jesus, that is part of supernatural…. He died for people, He lived for people. His life end and remembering all over the world still now.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: I didn’t really know the real idea behind baptism. I knew that baptism with water like washing sins from people. And to be honest with you, I thought that this is meaningless. However, when I learned about changing souls and lives, get close to God and Jesus and be really alive with God’s mercy, this ideas make things more clear and meaningful.


Semi-Professional in Africa in 50s: Jesus’ rising was the greatest event in the history of world. Baptism is very important for anybody to be real Christan. Baptism’s vital is coming from the New Birth


Laborer in Middle East in 30s: When we look at Jesus, we see what God is like”…. Jesus have power over sickness and disease. Jesus can forgive sins, and only truly God can forgive sins. So, Jesus shows us the proof that he is son of God…. Anyone who is not born of water and the Spirit cannot enter God’s kingdom”


Professional in Middle East in 40s: (Jesus didn’t die because the Lord protect him from Satan followers

….Baptize is so important to complete that agreement for forgiveness . Bad things will stop and give us moral and spiritual power by living Holy Spirit in our bodies….He know must wash himself by water to remove sins from his body… the Bible isn’t tale book….Bible is trustworthy…..That is prove the Bible is God’s word….The Bible still trustworthy regardless. All skeptics are thinking in different ways but finally will find the right direction because these words of God.…We feel guilty and need to back on the right track to God. the penalty paid by Jesus for our sins….The Bible is lighting the road front of us to can’t see the truth and wash our sins away by follow the Christ to get rest in your life. …His son came to save us to eternal life. So, Jesus defeated Satan….. His son so pleased by God…..Baptism repesented stages of Christ that he passed ,Like death, burial and resurrection….If you want to born again you have to baptism to begin new life… we want and let our old sinful die with Christ on the cross…. Holy Spirit and God help me and provides away of escape.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: I want to send me all Book about Bible, Please . I want to have these Book. And you knew these Books [of Bible] is not sales in my country because this is a Islamic Country and Unfortunately those Books is forbidden and have penalty if anyone sales open. If you have this Books [of Bible] please send me in my Email i want to read all books in my phone. of coures i have to hide these books far of the other families man and woman because its dangerous for me.


Professional in Middle East in 40s: The most sadness fills my heart with pain. It was a horrible, blood scene [crucifixion]….Jesus appeared to tell them he was alive again….


Professional in Middle East in 40s: l learned many things about Isaiah, The prophet the new king I did not know before that…. I learned new things about Jesus like The word “Messiah”…. I learned some informations about Jesus as a son of God and how the earthquake happened when he was died…. those who seek God and find him in Jesus Christ…. Baptism is a symbol of the death, that we share Jesus with his death , burial our sins body in water, and resurrection when we return back to life…. The word “baptism” means “immersion in water as a holy thing ….. the important of baptism that let us forgivness from god for our sins.


Housewife, in Middle East in 50s: A prophet who will have God’s Spirit in him and will suffer a lot to take our sins away and will be fully human and fully God….God put his Holy Spirit in Mary to bring the savior….God’s son can forgive sins. Yes, I believe that Jesus truly was the son of God because

God had put his soul in him….Some Muslims believe God chose Jesus to be his son spiritually and I have to admit they are few


Professional in Middle East in 30s: ….understand more than I imagined….Jesus sacrificed himself to erase people’s sins….I did not baptize. I do not know even how to do that. Would you tell me?…When I am immersed in water, my previous sins will be erased….new life like a baby that never sinned.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 20s Jesus was the Son of God. The Bible is the Book of God, Word of God. It’s never late to start life again.


Professional in Europe in 20s: I believe more in God….Jesus is the Messenger of God as their savior….God sent Jesus to help people choose the right way and do away from sin….Jesus was king of God because he was the son of God….Jesus is the son of God. …Jesus gives life….accepting the resurrection of Jesus….God is able to achieve our resurrection after death and I am very confident in the strength of this

….being baptized he will be cleansed from sins….baptism is the method of purification of the soul and reach God….Jesus was pure, without sin…Jesus is the Son of God….Baptism symbolizes purification of sin and the launch of a road without sin and closer to God….Baptism is an important thing to be done in life and it pleases God.

Retired, in Middle East in 60s: Prediction that a descendant of Eve, whose name is the Son of God…kill Satan…true king….the Spirit of the Lord on earth….incarnation of God’s Spirit and took his image to live among ordinary people….sent from God to give his life for others….Jesus claimed to be the Son of God…set people free…and forgive…sinful. Jesus demonstrated his divine power…as a dove to rest on Jesus, the voice of God shouted “This is my Son!”….Jesus was a servant king….hailed by a voice coming from a bright cloud….Jesus really the son of God…raised from death….I need to read and learn more.


Laborer in United States in 30s: …. the New Kingdom what His message will be to the People, when is He coming, And where He will be announce …. I have learned HOW much Jesus loves us,How He raised from death And how much He sacrificed His life for US…. He has the power to forgive sin,… when we look at Jesus we see what God is look like…. I do go to the church some times on Sunday with my friends…. the bible is word of God, if you look at the history of the bible…. there is NO doubt its word of God….I was born as Muslim I grew up in muslim family I have read the Quran but honestly most Muslim including my self they read the Quran but they don’t understand it. Lock of explanation lead to a big problem to most Muslim. you have to go to Islamic university….so you can learn and understand the explanation of Quran….after I read the Quran I ASKED too many people to explain to Me the different between Islam and Christianity all the answer I got the same answer they only believe Islam is the right religion. When I ask people that who are well educated for an explanation they said they don’t want to go so far according to the religion.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 30s: at last I have learned that a descendent of David will be the next king and he Is called “the son of God” , and like David he will be a Shepherd -King….


Professional in Middle East in 60s: ….Mary and her family and the story of the Son of the God


Professional in Middle East in 30s: That descendant (in the flesh) was Jesus with God’s Spirit in him. So, being born again referred to baptism in water. When we come up out of the water, we are born again spiritually, our souls come alive forever….Jesus the king came to of the world for people to know the truth, and erase their sins…. Jesus] Defeat of Satan…The baptism is very important to purify us from the sins …Christ came to cleanse us from our sins and died for us….The Bible is the Word of God.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 40s: God the all mighty know every thing from the biginning to the end of the world, and he sent Jesus for us to save us from sins and show us the right path….. I BELIVE IN ONE God. Jesus Christ is the Spirit of God…. Jesus was like God are the power of return from the death to life…


Professional in Middle East in 50s: We are waiting to the Son of God to save us from evil….I am always remember the saying of Jesus Christ “Father, forgive these people…. Jesus born and died to sacrifice or us…. Really , I like this sentence “Other religions want you to die for their leader, but their leader does not die for them.”….


Professional in Middle East in 30s: Jesus is the true king and more than a man….Jesus really had been raised from death, and this is not a fable….God’s plan that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, died by a cross, then…raised from death….We must go back to Bible so we know truth.


Laborer in Middle East in 20s: This is very good information…I try to buy these books [of the Bible]….but Islamic boy killed his Christian teacher here….Mary was pregnant of the Holy Soul….the Baby was God’s Son. When God’s Holy Spirit enters someone, he is God’s son….I am shocked about Jesus’ amazing proofs [prophecies fulfilled]….Jesus rising from death is evidence to show all hypocrites that Jesus is the only son of God. I felt my soul fly to heaven….Quran doesn’t let us ask any opposite questions….I wished to have a Christian friend but that never happened; and now when I know you and about Christians, I love them more…..Please pray for me, but I couldn’t be baptized because my family won’t let me. I am afraid too much. I have a plan to do that one day….in which nobody break off relations with me….I thank you till the moment of my grave….I am afraid of reactions…now I am very worried….In Islam they don’t accept any opposite idea; if you don’t believe them, they kill you….I am afraid….I did it. I baptized. I am free!


Unemployed in Middle East in 20s: I have learned the Isaiah’s his vision of the spiritual kingdom , the new king and the king would be a suffuring servant …. I have learned that the king was suffering – Jesus promised his followers a home in heaven – his arrest – his judgement by Pilate- his dies on the cross and his kingdom.


Professional in Middle East in 50s: Jesus was not a man like any other man, he was superior; he was divine.


Professional in Far East in 60s: For the first time I learned that a bad person can be chosen by God for future work…. now I understood that God always has good plans for me…. The relationship between God and man was destroyed by sin, but God restored it. Jesus took the punishment of all the human being without uttering a word….


Professional in Canada in 30s: Scientific discovery is just a fact mentioned by the Bible 2000 years ago and this is the scientific miracles of the Bible….God will save from the sin by sending the Savior as a Sacrifice for the human beings…. to be honest this is our first time to read Bible and we like it so much…. think about the Bible and Jesus….Jesus sent from God to defeat Sin and Satan. The Bible is the Word of God….the church is the most important way to follow the Word of God….Jesus is the king of the Kingdom of God and the Word of God….Jesus really had been raised from death….God sent Jesus to erase our sins and defeat Satan


Semi-Professional in Africa in 20s: God sent Jesus to the people to save from the sin.


Professional in Middle East in 30s: Jesus said rivers of life flow out from his heart. He was talking about a Holy Spirit….he was more than a man….To be free from sin, God even sent his Son to suffer and bless us….God is great to send his son, Jesus, to defeat Satan….He could protect his Son, but for us it happened….To be baptized to share Jesus raised from death and run away from sins, so we will have the Holy Spirit in our bodies….The church is everywhere and spread among the world that interpret the prophecy’s word more than 2000 years before….Jesus went back to his Father to sit in his right place with all authority given him, but his spirit still was with his apostles….We need to follow the great Son who is Jesus….They can receive God’s word, then be baptized right away….The Lord’s Supper…remember how much God’s Son suffered….the core of our worship to God. The body of Christ WAS sinless….How his Son, Jesus, gave his body and his blood to have God’s forgiveness….How much wonderful it is!!!! ….Baptism to enter God’s family….God loves his only Son and his children….We must preach God’s word…even maybe meet ignorance from some people, so we still go on because our purpose is to please God, not God please us.


Professional in Far East in 30s: Jesus was a humble king,who saves the people from sin….Everything is possible which God wants,he can raised the people from death…. A person can recieve God’s forgiveness through two ways. When he baptized himself….Change his hearts and lives.


Semi-Professional in Africa in 20s: When we observe our self how God designed to create human being in his Image by calling Holy Spirit,Jesus, God.(Genesis 1:27) ……Our brain used to analyze and think. Genenrally, those who believe in Christ Jesus are one Organ with different function.


Professional in Far East in 40s: Through the teaching of Bible we know that God created human being…. thanks for providing me the very useful informations about the organization of Bible and no doubt it enrich my existing knowledge about Bible….. The story of the suffering servant very much inspired me. He shed his life for the betterment of the other human being. He suffered a lot so that the rest of the human being would be saved from the anger of God. That suffering servant who was predicted came centuries later. He was Jesus who suffered in our place and died in our place on the cross, taking the punishment for our sins on himself …. Through the miracles of Jesus Nicodemus know that Jesus was the son of God…. Jesus was really the Son of God on earth. As a follower of Jesus the lord….


Professional in Middle East in 60s: God as his name (yahweh)… We can be born again spiritually and start life over. We can set free from the power of sin. Jesus did not make empty claims, he demonstrated his divin power with his amazing miracles.… Thank you for all what you did , and what are you doing for some one who connecting to you through God’s love…. Faith is, to believe in God as if you can see him, as he sees you. My life a gift from God, and my existential supported by him. Jesus Christ the Son of God, is the Lord and Savior…. They are able to find God as he revealed himself to them through his Son…. Jesus had the power and the heart of God. He had power on earth to forgive the sins, the power of healing the paralysed man. He had power over Satan and the force of evil, and the power bringing the dead back to the life.


Unemployed in Middle East in 30s: Prophet Isaiah when he predicate about Jesus…. the officer knew that he must baptized in a water to start a new life …. Baptism likeness the resurrection, When they immerse their heads they burial , and they became a live new life without sin when their heads up of water …. I am so happy to now all these information about the Christ and Baptize , and I wanna to learn more and more…. We all belive the truth which is the Bibe is the word of God,… I will decide when I will Baptize ….. Now I’m looking for some one who trust in, when I find the person who can baptize me, but I can’t send picture, because when I take the picture [of my baptism] for me, it means dead.


Professional in Middle East in 30s: I become aware that the coming king will be a descendant of David and will be called “the Son of God”. That is amazing, isn’t it?.. I became aware that from beginning to end, the message of the Old Testament is the same: Someone is coming to defeat evil and to save humanity from sin…. she would give a birth to a baby boy who would rule and would defeat satan,… this baby in her was from the Holy Spirit and this son would save people from their sins… I become fully sure now that Jesus was the true king, Jesus was more than a man the miracles did were amazing and proved that he was divine. The word of Jesus is the word of God…. Jesus was really raised from death…. God has already known what would happen to Jesus he made him suffer and went through these painful experiences but God made Jesus free and raised him from death….. Since the officer knew the truth he couldn’t stop himself from being baptized…. Jesus is the lord of all people God gives him the Holy Spirit and power to lead people to the right way…. all people will be judged be his Son Jesus Christ.


Student in Far East in 20s: God points ahead to a Savior…. a descendant of Eve will destroy Satan head…. A descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will bless all nations….. In these days people still have a hard time understanding what Jesus mean by the new birth…. Jesus was a true king. He can forgive our sin…. gave his life for people


Professional in Far East in 20s: To be a Christian lifelong is difficult …. Jesus is the God with us in form of flesh and clot of blood. He is the supernatural human that ever lived in this mortal universe…. God according to our [Muslim] religious viewpoint has no son and never has a precedent the same to himself but while studying bible I ‘m getting some more facts…. he was dying for the sake of truth and humanity…. had to sacrifice even his blood , body and spirit for the sake of truth and love for humanity. Jesus fulfilled the promises of his ancestors…. Yes I agree with you without fail…. God wanted to show his loyalty to the humanity even the fault of His own son. The killers of His son was also forgiven…. Christians Bible is trustworthy and have a lot of evidence to prove its validity.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 20s: He is greater than any man in the world…. when I follow God and message of Jesus Christ I will be filled with happiness and The Reassuring, I will feel am in safe side….We can not compare him with any king or any person, he is coming from God. I am very impressed in this story, and very sad to Jesus [crucifixion] I wish if I can return the time and be beside him. I Loved him very much. I learned to love Jesus…. Jesus is the truth and no one can deny this truth. …. He is the truth and all that he said about lifting him from death it was truth and not imagination…. When Jesus killed in a cross, God knew this would happen, and realized Jesus must lift from death to be in the right side to him….. The Quran denies this things, really I don’t know what I must say. I did not know anything about the Christian religion in the past, but now I know everything. Really I am Happy for that, it is great ….. I feel happy and so excited especially when read the story of Jesus.


Student, in Middle East in 20s: I have learned the importance of new life (to born again) because this part make me feel like, if I born again I may not remember the very bad things that I went through…. He is a spiritual king, and his kingdom is an eternal one that every one of us wishes to be there…. Jesus gave up the ghost so quickly because God didn’t want his legs to be broken by the guards…. Change your hearts and lives and be baptized, God will forgive your sins and will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit. This meaningful speech has really touched my heart. …. it is important because when we baptized we reborn…. I have learned the amazing connection between baptism and Jesus’ death, that baptism is a symbol of death, burial and resurrection that’s amazing, isn’t it?


Professional in Middle East in 30s: Jesus forgave the people who were killing him….Christ’s sacrifice and how he gave his own life to take away our sins.


Professional in Middle East in 30s:When the people to be baptized …will be in the church which is the entrance of kingdom of God on earth….Really God is great to send his son Jesus to defeat Satan…. God wanted his son Jesus to suffer to forgive our sins…God treat us like his childern so he let his son to be killed on a cross to save us, even though he can protect his son but for us that happen…..To believe in God by our heart and to be baptized to share Jesus his raising from death and run away from sins, so we will have the Holy spirit in our bodies and we will be forgiven….Any one from any country who will be follows God and be baptized, will be accepted ….There are many congregations and may have lots of buildings, but there is only one church….Body of Christ is sinless body that was nailed to cross even though that body of Jesus deserved to be a live but he gave his body and his blood to save our life and forgive us even we are sinning bodies….I don’t hesitate to admit God loved us through his Son who is Jesus Christ.


Student in Middle East in 20s: At the beginning Mary was scared but then when she felt proud because her son will be Son of God….. Jesus is Son of God.


Professional in Middle East in 40s: The coming [predicted] King will be a descendant of David, his name is “the Son of God” Jesus.


Professional in Far East in 40s: Now I have known that Christians trust in one God, not many. God is a Spirit. …God can come in human body [Jesus], in tree [to Moses], on paper [in Bible] and where he wants. God came in Jesus and spoke to his creations….Mary was a virgin girl. That baby boy would save humanity from sin…..His name was Jesus (meaning salvation)….The Bible is true holy book of God…..Jesus was the resurrection….Really, Jesus was God’s loving….…. Jesus has made it possible for every one to have life with him forever. …This was God plan to humanity to save from sins. …What a mercy! …Jesus is ruling over his kingdom. We must change our hearts and lives and be baptized.


Professional in Far East in 30s: God became flesh when Jesus was born. God would send Jesus to save the people from sins….Jesus was the Son of God. He has the Spirit of God…he is eternal…. God saved the human being from sins by sending his Spirit through Jesus.


Professionaal in Far East in 40s: His name was Jesus (meaning salvation)….Jesus declared, the Spirit of God is in me…. The Bible is true holy book of God. …Jesus was the resurrection. …Really, Jesus was God’s loving…. Jesus has made it possible for every one to have life with him forever. …This was God plan to humanity to save from sins. …What a mercy! …Jesus is ruling over his kingdom. We must change our hearts and lives and be baptized.


Professional in North Africa in early 40s: The Son of God will be a shepherd king….This king will save us from our sins. God’s plan was to send his son to relieve us from our sins….Jesus was born to bless us and save us from our bad deeds….A person must be born of water and spirit. Jesus is the true king…the Bible is the Word of God….Different religions confuse people….People of the church…need to be like the angels in heaven [and be messengers] on earth.


Professional in Far East in 40s: Jesus really had been raised from death. ….God will forgive us if we change our hearts and lives and be baptized. Then we also receive the Holy spirit.


Professional in Middle East in 40s: Jesus…gave up is divine nature to become a human….he made Daniel’s prediction true….both human and divine. He revealed this by many miracles…to prove his divinity….The meaning behind the Lord’s Supper and what it focuses on is truly amazing.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: [After saying many times Jesus was not the Son of ‘God….] Jesus Christ is the son of God. He came to change all the world and tell us about the goodness and the awesome God.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: Jesus is… the real Son of God, the only man sent by God to return people from sins. Jesus is still alive and will be alive forever.


Professional in North Africa in 30s: Jesus was not just a man, but God himself and he came to save mankind.


Unknown Occupation in Middle East in 20s: We learned from the Bible…Jesus is the Son of God and all people must believe him….and be baptized in water.


Professional in Middle East in 30s: Peace and Grace Lord Jesus for you. In short, I left Islam because I discovered what follows. (Allah) the God of Islam, in Arabic means “nothing “. Mohammed a liar and insane and not descendants of Ibrahim. The Qur’an is full of lying and myths and incitement to murder and hatred. Many parts of the Koran written by followers of Mohammed for political purposes after his death. Islam cancels the role of reason Islam is the reason for the backwardness and ignorance. If there is a beautiful thing in Islam it is taken from Christianity I am responsible for what I say. I have worked hard in reading to obtain such information’s. I Have a lot to say about Christianity, But I will mention one thing. When I heard a sermon mountain I cried and I cried and I cried and then decided that this speech must be the Lord….When I knew Jesus, I felt great happiness [but] people hit me….I believe Jesus was and is the God who created everything.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: After we receive the Spirit of God, we will be look like Jesus”….We must think about Jesus sacrificing for us….Jesus is the only Son of God and Christians are considered the children of God. The Spirit of God will live in us after baptism.


Profesional in Middle East in 30s: He was not a regular person….Christ was both A human and a heavenly person. The Word and the Son of God refer to Jesus Christ…. He sacrificed himself to save the believers who sinned from eternal death…. he was sacrificed for the sins of mankind.


Professsional in North Africa in 30s: Jesus,God’s word and spirit given to virgin Mary….Jesus claimed to be the eternal, self-existent one.”…unification of the Godhead….he was calling God his own father making himself equal with God….He was Immanuel , meaning God with us….. No one from the very early begging of the life till now can do what Jesus did….we grow into the likeness of Christ–who is exactly like God.


Professional in Central Africa in early 20s: The new king who will be ruling over God’s kingdom. The king will be different from other kings, will be inspired by the Spirit of God and will speak for God….it was foretold hundreds years ago that descendant of David would be the king of jews and the Son of God…..He is really God’s Son….I really learned that Jesus is the Son of God for sure. He has been sent from heaven no be served but to serve .


Professional in Middle East in 40s: The church will represent the kingdom of God if the people which is made up of, calling Out their sins, living like angles…. Should be complete that by baptizing himself in water…. which proved that the Jesus of the Bible New Testament is fact, Jesus and his true bible will stay represent the glory and majesty and he deserves all respect from all people on the earth…. no contradiction between the divinity of Jesus and the Old Testament Doctrine of monotheism


Professional in North Africa in 40s: A descendant of David and will be called “the Son of God”…. he existed before Abraham was born…..His words are the words of God…. God will forgive our sins if we Change our hearts and lives and be baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Semi-Professional in North Africa in 20s: Jesus is the king who will save the humanity…. her son would be The Son of God….your words were all I need. Now I understand it, and I belive in it….Jesus is the true king….It is a war, which I intend to win it by following the savior Jesus…. a man can be born again with a new pure spirit to follow Jesus teachings….He is God’s son and the Word that all things were made through….when Jesus forgave those who were torturing him. I will not forget this!


Professional in Far East in 40s: Mary was blessed by a son called Jesus who is called “the Son of Lord God”. She became the virgin mother of God’s Son, Jesus….Jesus was the Son of God….He was the Son of God and God anointed him. He held the power to do anything in the world because he was the Son of God.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: Jesus is the king of people and angels. Jesus kingdoms were includes haven and earth….. Now, I start reading the Bible, even in different language and I saw that is a great book and help me to understand more about the reason behind our existing as human being… I really want to know more about the Christianity…. I felt always afraid from hell and I search to satisfy God in my behave and action…. I have learned a lot of information and I called knowledge of our soul. It is not that easy to be a christian in my culture. I don’t know if you hide your passionate toward a religion will be a sin. . I am waiting for the right moment when I can found the peace inside me. Life here make me confuse in a lot of things. I am really not comfortable with my life at all here because of the bad situation. Many people were dead every day, especially in my city.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: Mary became mother of the lord, mother of the king….he is the son of God, he is the God’s words….tell me more about being baptized.


Semi-Professional in Far East in 20s: RIYAZ Jesus was crucified and raised from death…. A person receives God’s forgiveness today by baptizing himself, by turning away from sin and by following the good things…. Jesus revealed his divine identity by his words and deeds…. Jesus was also a divine.


Professional in Far East in 20s: Every person who believes in God and Jesus will be forgiven…. in the oneness of God….there is only one God and Jesus was His son, he was crucified on our sins, he would come back one day and judge all the people, and his followers will be entered in his kingdom.


Semi-Professional in Europe in 30s: He is son of God and he was killed by the people. He saved humanity from sin by giving away his life.


Professional in Middle East in early 50s: Baptism is a great chance to live a new life without sins…. he shoud be baptized to be a true christian…. Bible and Jesus are true…. Jesus was and still a great divine figure….Jesus a divine and an earthly creature at the same time…., he was supernatural and lived as any human lived, but without sin….He sacrificed his life to make us live spiritually and physically….Bible itself proved that they were the word of God….death of oour sins, a new life for us.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 30s: Jesus did a lot of miracles by using God name and proved his divine…. be baptized in water and make clean himself from sin….. Baptism can give them new life and heart and its mean that after baptism, everyone will be clean from …. Jesus claimed to be the eternal, self-existent one…. Jesus was both human and divine …. The Bible is the Word of God…. the words of Jesus are the words of God.


Semi-Professional in North Africa in 40s: The Bible guide to humanity to become the kind believers of one God…. People worship him as Son of God. Jesus is really a son of God as most people believe in that…. Jesus proved that he was the son of God.


Semi-Professional in North Africa in 20s: Jesus sacrificed himself….returned to life after his death…. forgives all the people who changed their heart, their lives and baptize…. Jesus and his followers under attack, because the natural of human, rejects all new . Also people don’t know the truth of Jesus and his flowers.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 30s: He had a power and holy spirit from the lord; this prove that he is son of God…. he is the lord…. God’s word rise and defeat the evil….Jesus was God’s soul….The lord commanded people, if they believed in him to baptize.


Retiree in Middle East in 50s: He was son of God, the true King and can free people from sin….God send to people his son….He domonstrated his divine power….How is it possible to become a Christian?


Semi-Professional in North Africa in mid-20s: Interested in christian religion …I have learnt an interested biblical story…. prediction for coming of Jesus…. this painful topic on how Jesus was arrested…and finally killed….God’s beloved son…. God’s forgiveness: To repent for the wrong which you have been doing, To be baptised, and finally change of our hearts and lives.


Blue Collar worker in United States in 40s: …believed that is truly a divine person…. Jesus is the king of kings he is the son of God.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 40s: …killed his son on a cross…. Jesus Said (I am). “I am the Alpha and the Omega . . who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”….I can be a daughter of God who see and reflect his glory.


University student in Middle East in 20s: The Christ the Son of God not natural but by God’s spirit…. Jesus promised the Christians will be with them always. even the end of world….We must hange our hearts, lives and be baptized.


Semi-Professional in Middle East in 30s: He is a holy prophet came from heaven this prove that he is son of God. …. he is the lord and he has a holy spirit from God….The lord commanded people, if they believed in him to baptize…. he is divine, his power and strength from his lord. He comes to prove that he has the magic word. “The voice of GOD”. … he is divine and his spiritual soul comes from the glory God. … He sacrifice and gives us the life, took the sins away, his blood saves us today


Professional in Middle East in 20s: Jesus is closer to angels than people….I want to read more from the Bible…. Jesus was an ideal man because he has special characteristics like sinless…. Jesus and God is the same….” your sins are forgiven”, this indicate his divine identity.


Professional in Middle East in 30s: I have discovered that the king coming will be David descendants who called son of God he will be a shepherd king…. Jesus is the Christ , the Messiah and true king. The words of God is the Bible. It is never too late to start life again make a fresh started . All our past mistakes and failures be buried and forgotten when any one baptism .


University Student in Africa, in 20s: …. building my faith and making me strong in the Lord…. no matter how deep you are into sins God can and will wash you to be whole again…. the inspirirng chapters of the Bible…. Jesus is life, the way, the light, the world, and The Son of God…. Jesus is really the son of God and that no matter our circumstance we should always give thanks to God…. changing our heart and our lives, and also been baptizinno.


Professional in Middle East in 20s: People are baptised in the name of Jesus to recive God’s forgivness.


University of Student in Eurasia in 20s: This prophet will be the son of God will come to save the sinners….. He had a divine character and directed by the Holy Spirit. and did not anything that is of will of men.


Student in North Africa in late teens: Jesus was the one who sacrificed his life to save others from sin…. I really respect and appreciate what you do Mum because challenging a religon is not easy at all to know which God is the right one and gladly you achieved….Jesus “Son of God” had great powers and…proved he is eternal.


Professional in North Africa in 30s: one needs to be born again in order to become a full flesh member of God kingdom. I have learned about important of being baptize, for it wash away one sin and gives an opportunity of starting a new life. I have learned that Jesus died for our sake, to cleanse our sin and gives us the opportunity to be a true member of God kingdom…. baptize in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.


Epidemiologist near Russia in early 40s:  he was son of God.  Jesus was the one who love all people although the people who want kill him.


Instituter in North Africa in early 40s:  Jesus belong to God as his Father, and God called Jesus “My Son.” Jesus proved that He was the Man who would crash the Satan’s head.


Teacher in Middle East, in 20s: Jesus had a father-son relationship with God.  The Son of God send to earth to seprate people from sins.


Student in Middle East in teens:  I think Christian is the right way. Christianity is the righteous religion in the world, it is God kingdom, all human being. Baptism symbolize, we are burred with our lord Jesus, and also we died with him.  Baptism lead us to a new life and eternal life. I have learned our old sin will be washed when we are Baptized.


Tour director in near Russia in late 30s: He was the Son of God in spiritual way. The way he was born shows us that he was sent by God. What he said and what he did was all done by the will of God. Believing in Jesus means believing in God.


Unemployed in Europe in early 30s:  when a person is baptised his sins are forgiven and we learn to love each other and become holy and pure. Our hearts become free from guiltless when we are washed from the blood of Christ and pure water.


Teacher in S. Europe in mid-40s:  Jesus was the Son of God sent into the world to save it through him.


Student in Middle East in late 30s: Isaiah and other prophets predicted a prophet i.e. Jesus, Son of God will come to earth. He will be a common man who will be punished and suffer for the sins of humanity. He will born to a virgin women. He will die but will come back to life and will live for forever.


Biologist in Africa in early 30s:  Jesus is the only true son of the living God sent in order to show us the right way that leads to God. Jesus is really the saviour of the world. I think the Bible is the best book ever written. He was sent to wash our sins.


Researcher in Middle East in early 50s:  Jesus is the son of God, it’s not meaning that he is a son as same us that we have parents so God is his father same as our father, but because he called for himself ‘SON OF GOD’ and ‘LORD MY FATHER’ and others also called for him ‘SON OF GOD’, it’s mean that he has spirit of God and God is in.


Biologist in Africa in early 50s:  In spiritual way Jesus is the son of God . The relationship between God and Jesus is like a father and his wife . They love each other very much.  He is the son of God. So God gave him the power over all things.





I was born in a family that belonged to the Sunni Muslim sect. The area I was raised in was the Shi-ite Muslim sect.

So I was able to be exposed to the whole Muslim community ~ secular, Sunni and Shi’ite.

I tried to be an especially good Muslim. Sometimes I followed the Sunnis. But when I became dissatisfied with them, I flipped to the Shi-ites. Eventually I discarded both. I just couldn’t communicate with my Allah and approach him because he was so scary:

A god commanding that hands or arms be cut off as punishment, or beheading.

A god who commands racism and oppression or killing of anyone who opposes him.

A god who shows favoritism to men and deprives the women of rights.

A god who changed his words [Qu’ran] many times.

A god who asks you to send your son to blow himself up, taking innocent lives with him for his pleasure.

I couldn’t find a replacement, so I gave up since there were not enough resources or freedom to study or search. But

my personality from inside was deeply wounded because I was missing something. I always felt a “Mysterious Power” was taking care of me. So I started to ask that Power to reveal himself to me. I was playing with fire because I was questioning everything in my culture.

Then I got my first study BIBLE. It was in both Arabic and English.

The thing that caught my attention is what was underlined ~ John 8:32 (“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”). That was just a new challenge. But I kept wondering what is the truth. Is it historical fact, or scientific fact, or something else? I knew there was no absolute truth.

Still I wanted to know the truth to be free because that was my first concern,. Later I found another interesting thing about the truth in the same gospel ~John 14:6 (“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.’ “) That was an amazing theory.

Then I started to pray to the Christian God to reveal himself to me and show me the right teaching I was looking for ~ the teaching based on love, peace, freedom. The teaching that makes you proud to be a human being, to be treated with respect and dignity.

Then I discovered another verse in Jeremiah 29:11 (” For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.’ “)

I went to the Church and I asked…to baptize me…by immersion. I was happy because in my opinion this time I knew what I did was based on God’s rules. Basically the church I attend shared with me more or less the same doctrine like baptism by immersion, confession, faith, repentance, unity, keeping the Lord’s Supper, contributing, and the Bible as the only guide. Thank you, Jesus, for your blood that freed me from my sin and reconciled me again with God the father.