There is One God

Despite what Muslims may have heard about Christians, God is One, not many. When you speak into a tape recorder and your voice then comes out of that machine for other people to hear, that doesn’t make you two. You are still one; you have just chosen to put your voice in something where you can be heard by more people or people far away. That tape recording is just another form of you.


God is One, and yet he revealed a part of himself in a burning tree to Moses just like you revealed a part of yourself in the tape recorder. Does that mean there were two Gods ~ one in heaven and one in the tree? No. God can reveal himself in different things if he wants to.


Today, God has his Word on paper and ink in a holy Book. He has made his words visible to us in physical form. He is still not many Gods ~ one in heaven and thousands in his holy Books around the world. He is still one God.


To say “God needs no partners” is the same as denying we have a body, and declaring, “My mind needs no body”. We need our body to show others what we are like. True, God doesn’t need a body, but mankind, who dwells in the bodies he created for our minds to use, needed to see for themselves what God is like. So God revealed himself in a body for a little while.


God can put his voice in a human being and that human say the exact words of God just like you can put your voice in a tape recorder and that recorder say the exact words of you. You can also put both your voice and body in a movie. God is still not two any more than you become two.


God can put his words in a tree (as with Moses), in holy books (with paper and ink), and a human body (as with Jesus). God is still one.


To say “God has no son” is the same as saying “God has no hands” or “God has no eyes”. Even the Qur’an speaks of God having hands and eyes. Would it be fair to accuse Muslims of believing God has them in the human sense? Of course not, for God is a spirit. It is unfair to accuse Christians of believing God had to have a wife so he could have a son in the human way like we do. That is a terrible idea. God’s Son is God’s Word.


Jesus is often called “the Word” or “God’s Word”. God watches people, but not with literal eyes the way we have them. In the same way, God can have a “son,” but not in the literal sense that we do. John 1:1-3,14 in the Bible explains, “In the beginning was the Word, and THE WORD WAS WITH GOD and THE WORD WAS GOD….The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” Why? Because we needed to know how God would act with part of him in a human body.


You have an eternal mind that is in your body right now. That body says and does things to show people what is in your mind. But it is just temporary. When your body dies, you will live on because your body is not the real you. Your mind, your eternal mind, is the real you. In the same way, when God was in Jesus’ body, that body was not God. The mind, the spirit, the heart and soul in that body was God.


We can be children of God. But it would be foolish to say Christians believe God had lots of wives and we became his children the way humans do. God “adopts” us and makes us his children. It is a spiritual thing, and wonderful.


Why would Jesus be called the only begotten Son of God, if he was not a son created in the literal way that we have sons? You have thoughts and those thoughts have existed as long as you have. But you still created those thoughts. When your thoughts become hearable or seeable, people call that your “brain child”. In that same sense, Jesus was God’s “brain child” ~ God’s thoughts in hearable and seeable form. God was in Jesus in the same way that you are in a tape recorder or in a movie. You are still one and God is still one.